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Oasis Animal Adventures

Oasis Animal Adventures

Located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, Oasis Animal Adventures is an award-winning animal therapy program using exotic animals as a gateway to the heart.

Oasis Animal Adventures
36656 S. 510 Road
Eucha, OK 74342
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Join us at the fair!

Join Oasis Animal Adventures at one of the local fairs! We will be bringing our animals to educate the public about our wonderful wildlife! Join us and enjoy the fun! 

Join us at the Tulsa, Ok 41st Annual Brush Creek Bazaar! October 12th, &13th!

Jay First Assembly - 908 N Main, Street Jay, Oklahoma 74346 starts at 10:30!

Or join us in Jay, ok for the Produce and posies N.E Ok Garden Project! 

Contact us for more information or to see where we will be next! 

Another Unique Experience

Oasis Animal Adventures is located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, a 1,000-seat outdoor amphitheater located in the hills east of Disney.  A popular Grand Lake attraction, it has been drawing audiences to the Grand Lake area for more than 30 years.

Every summer, the amphitheater presents an original Biblical production, featuring a cast of 60-80 actors, exotic live animals, including Simon, the camel, state-of-the-art surround sound, pyrotechnics and stunning special effects.

Bill and Linda Goldner, who founded the amphitheater in 1985, continue to operate the amphitheater and are still producing new shows, such as “Damascus Road: Where Saul Becomes Paul, the Greatest Apostle of All Times,” which debuted in July 2017.

“Damascus Road’ tells the story of Saul’s persecution of the early Church, and how the Lord spoke to his heart and changed him on the road to Damascus. It will be the feature production for Picture in Scripture Amphitheater’s 34th season in the summer of 2019.

2019 Season Opens, Tickets on Sale

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 season of “Damascus Road: Where Saul Becomes Paul, the Greatest Apostle of All Time”. The original Biblical production opens at Picture in Scripture Amphitheater on Friday, June 28, and will run every Friday and Saturday evening through August 4. There will be no show on Friday, July 5.

Call (918) 435-8207 or click here to reserve your seat under the stars today.

Gateway to the Heart

Oasis Animal Adventures is an award-winning animal therapy program that utilizes unique, exotic animals, as well as horses, donkeys and mini horses, to provide a positive environment were children and adults can experience healing, security and unconditional love through interaction with the animals.

“No matter the age or personal life stories of those who come, the animals are the gateway to the heart, and the results have been amazing,” says Linda Goldner, who, along with her husband, Bill, owns and operates Oasis Animal Adventures and Picture in Scripture Amphitheater.

In May 2019, Oasis Animal Adventures was presented with the 2019 Outstanding Agritourism Attraction award during the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association’s annual Redbud Awards Gala. These awards represent the highest honor given in the Oklahoma tourism industry.

Located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater near Disney, Oasis Animal Adventures offers physical, emotional and mental therapeutic animal encounters for at-risk youth, sex-trafficked girls and special needs children and adults. Encounters are also available for the general public.

Oasis Animal Adventures is EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) certified through O.K. Corral Series by EAGLA founder Greg Kersten. This training helps Goldner make each session an optimal experience for both the person and the animal.

Interacting with the animals at Oasis Animal Adventures can enhance mental, physical, social and emotional functioning. The non-judgmental comfort an animal provides can help the child or adult heal while also building self-esteem.

“They say that one month of meeting with an animal is equivalent to meeting with a counselor for one year,” Linda says. “Animals don’t tell secrets. They give unconditional love.”

A God-led project, Oasis Animal Adventure began and grew organically with the animals — a camel, three donkeys and a standard-size horse — that were used in the plays at the amphitheater.

In 2012, after adding a small herd of mini horses, the Goldners received a request from a local residential care program for special needs adults wanting to bring some of its clients out to pet the animals. The Goldners and the animals happily welcomed the visitors. This was the first step in a new direction for the Goldners’ ministry.

The Oasis Event Barn was built on the property in 2014, and Oasis Animal Adventures, LLC, became official in 2016.

Currently the Oasis Event Barn houses more than 20 animals, including horses, donkeys, mini horses, kangaroos, a camel, a zebra, a Scottish Highlander and even a North African Sulcate tortoise. There are also a peacock, chickens and white pigeons. The newest additions at Oasis Animal Adventures include Chewy, a Bactrian bull camel, Yancy, a Yak and Omar, a lemur from Madagascar.

The animal therapy is provided through outdoor-based activities, educational field trips, leaderships and life skills courses for teens and community summer camps for children.

Several Oasis Adventures are available in both one-on-one and group classes.  The animal adventures and educational experiences can be custom-tailored to your group.

Each adventure is a hands-on experience. In addition to petting and interacting with the animals, participants will learn fun facts about the exotic animals. Some adventures include learning the basics of handling a horse, how to halter and walk them.

Currently, Oasis Animal Adventures has four classes a week for residents of the Friendship Home in Jay and Teen Challenge youth. It has also hosted groups from Boys and Girls Clubs, churches and mental health facilities.

Costs vary depending on the adventure. Group classes are $10 per person. One-on-one adventures prices range from $15 for a child (ages 2-5) and a caregiver in the Oasis Animal Adventure to $25 for a child (ages 6-10) in the Oasis Mini Horse Adventure. There is a discount available for additional children and adults.

Most adventures last from 1 to 2 hours.

Available year-round, all adventures and therapy sessions are by appointment only. Call (918) 435-8207 to reserve your time.

The Oasis event barn and the surrounding property is available for rental for birthday parties, reunions and other special events. The animals can be incorporated into the event, if desired. Call (918) 435-8207 for details and pricing.

"Rosie the Kangaroo" Book Now Available

Nearly 30 animals are used in the Oasis Animal Adventures animal therapy program. All of them are unique characters with their own individual personalities. Inspired by the Oasis animals, Linda Goldner decided to share some of their adventures through a series of books. “Rosie the Kangaroo” is the first book released in Goldner’s “Tails from the Oasis” series.

Click here to learn more about the book.

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