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Oasis Animal Adventures

Oasis Animal Adventures

Located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, Oasis Animal Adventures is an award-winning animal therapy program using exotic animals as a gateway to the heart.

Oasis Animal Adventures
36656 S. 510 Road
Eucha, OK 74342
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Our History

Meet Bill and Linda Goldner

The Goldners
Since 1985, Bill and Linda Goldner have told His story by presenting award-winning, original Biblical productions at the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, the 1,000-seat outdoor theater they founded near Disney, Okla.

“Our mission is to tell His story. We tell Bible history — His story,” says Linda Goldner, of the ministry she shares with her husband, Bill. “Come to a production at Picture in Scripture Amphitheater. Once you see it, hear it, experience it and feel it, you’ll get it and understand our mission.”

Since 1985, the Goldners have told His story by presenting award-winning, original Biblical productions at the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, a 1,000-seat outdoor theater located near Disney, Okla.

In 1984, the Goldners opened New Lifehouse, a residential facility for troubled teenage girls, ages 13-18. Linda served as the director of the home for 12 years.

While searching for funds to support New Lifehouse, the Lord gave Bill the idea to write a play and build an amphitheater on the ministry grounds. Much like Noah had been, people questioned whether it was a God-given idea. Bill responded to the queries of “are you crazy?” by building Picture in Scripture Amphitheater in 1985.

The outdoor theater opened that summer with its first production, “The Man Who Ran,” a dramatic presentation of the story of Jonah, Jesus and the great fish.

That first production of “The Man Who Ran” was the start of a 20-year run. Thousands of people came to see the story of Jonah brought to life, sometimes with crowds of 1,500 packing the 1,000-seat theater.

Picture in Scripture Amphitheater has also presented two other original productions, “The Elijah Factor” and “Damascus Road: Where Saul Becomes Paul, the Greatest Apostle of All Times”.

In 1996, the Goldners turned New Lifehouse over to Teen Challenge of Oklahoma. Linda continues to serve on the board of the Christian boarding school for girls, which operates today as New Lifehouse Academy.

The Goldners expanded their ministry in 2012, to include an animal therapy program. Another God-led project, Oasis Animal Adventure began and grew organically, utilizing the animals — a camel, three donkeys and a standard-size horse — that were used in the plays at the amphitheater.

After adding a small herd of mini horses, the Goldners received a request from a local residential care program for special needs adults wanting to bring some of its clients out to pet the animals. The Goldners and the animals happily welcomed the visitors. This was the first step in a new direction for the Goldners’ ministry.

The Oasis barn was built on the property in 2014 and Oasis Animal Adventures, LLC, became official in 2016.

“Serving the Lord is so much fun,” Linda says. “Just knowing that I am doing His will for my life is all the fuel I need to keep going!”