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Oasis Animal Adventures

Oasis Animal Adventures

Located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, Oasis Animal Adventures is an award-winning animal therapy program using exotic animals as a gateway to the heart.

Oasis Animal Adventures
36656 S. 510 Road
Eucha, OK 74342
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“Tails from the Oasis” Book Series

First Book in Series "Rosie the Kangaroo" Now Available

"Rosie the Kangaroo"
Linda Goldner and Rosie the kangaroo are excited about the release of "Rosie the Kangaroo," the first book in Goldner's "Tails from the Oasis" series. It tells some of the many adventures Rosie has experienced at Oasis Animal Adventures.

What do a kangaroo, lemur, camel, zebra and a yak have in common? They all live as one big happy family in the Oasis Barn near Disney in northeast Oklahoma. And, all are part of the animal therapy program, Oasis Animal Adventures.

Located on the grounds of Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, Oasis Animal Adventures utilizes unique, exotic animals, as well as horses, donkeys and mini horses, to provide a positive environment where children and adults can experience healing, security and unconditional love through interaction with the animals.

No matter the age or personal life stories of those who come, the animals are the gateway to the heart, and the results have been amazing, says Linda Goldner, who, along with her husband, Bill, owns and operates Oasis Animal Adventures and Picture in Scripture Amphitheater, a 1,000-seat outdoor amphitheater that presents an original Biblical production every summer.

The Oasis Barn is home to nearly 30 animals, all of which are used in the animal therapy program. Their job, Linda Goldner says, is to follow Jesus commandment in Matthew 22:39, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The animals offer physical, emotional and therapeutic healing and unconditional love to more than 60 youth and adults every week.

While the larger animals, like Simon the camel and Zola the zebra, remain at the Oasis Barn, Goldner often takes smaller and younger animals with her to visit classrooms, make appearances at festivals and other events or just run errands around Grand Lake.

Whether its Omar the lemur sitting on her shoulder or a baby kangaroo peeping out of a fabric pouch in her arms, Goldner spends a lot of time with these exotic fur-babies and is rarely without one when shes out and about.

Shopping at Walmart, watching a movie at the cinema and visiting classrooms full of students are not typical experiences for a baby kangaroo, unless you are a kangaroo who lives at Oasis Animal Adventures and your job is sharing joy and happiness wherever you go.

Inspired by the Oasis animals, all of whom are unique characters with their own individual personalities, Goldner decided to share some of their adventures through a series of books.

Rosie the Kangaroo is the first book released in Goldners Tails from the Oasis series. It is a sweet story about Rosie, a red kangaroo who came to Oasis Animal Adventures when she was very young. Written for children, the book is also one adults will enjoy.

The first in the series, Rosie tells how she was welcomed into her new home and all the adventures shes had, Goldner said. Each of the books in the series will have a theme and include fun facts about the type of animal and a moral truth. The theme of Rosie the Kangaroo is to accept each other and love one another.

Rosie the Kangaroo is filled with a collection of beautiful photographs by Megan Shandel and Stacy Gough featuring Rosie and her many adventures.

Since the books release, Goldner has been on a book tour of sorts. In addition to several book signings at area Barnes and Noble stores, she has been reading and promoting the books at schools and youth groups in both Oklahoma and Texas. Sally, a younger kangaroo from Oasis Animal Adventures, has accompanied Goldner to these appearances.

Rosie is three years old, so shes too big to go out with me now, which is why I take Sally, Goldner said. But Rosie used to go everywhere. She has a traveled to a lot of places, like Walmart and Reasers, and experienced a lot. Rosie even went to the movie Dory.

From the synopsis on the books back cover Rosie is one unique red kangaroo who found her way into the home and hearts of Linda and Bill Goldner. Little did she know the life at the Oasis Barn would be full of love, surprises and adventures. Amongst the barnyard animals, rumor has it Rosie doesnt even know she is not a human, but really a kangaroo. Rosie doesnt care as long as she can carry out her mission to love one another. its easy to see why children and adults are falling in love with Rosie and her book.

Rosie the Kangaroo can be purchased for $12.95 on Amazon or at www.oasisanimals.com. The glossy paperback book is also available at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

The second book in the Tails from the Oasis book series, Omar the Lemur, is set to release early next year.

All proceeds from book sales will benefit the animals at Oasis Animal Adventures.

Rosie the Kangaroo would be a great gift for both children and animal lovers. The book, signed by the author, will be available for purchase during the Oasis Christmas Open House Saturday, Dec. 15.

Oasis Animal Adventures will be hosting its Christmas open house from 1 to 5 p.m. Everyone is invited to come meet the animals, which will include the two newest additions to the herd, Yancey the yak and Rex the roo. Simon, Zola, Omar and Rosie will be there as well. Youll also have a chance to snap a photo with a Christmas kangaroo or the Elf lemur.

Oasis Animal Adventures is located at 36656 South 510 Road, east of Disney.

For more information on Oasis Animal Adventures or to purchase a copy of Rosie the Kangaroo, visit www.oasisanimals.com or call (918) 435-8207.