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360 has made a huge impact on the Growth, the Success of our business
JEFF MILLIKIN~ You the man!!! Seriously, every time you guys post there you are smack down right in the " Whats Crackalackin" on Grand Lake or knee deep in " I'm fixin' to get this clients SHINE ON! " 360 is BLESSED to have the amazing talent and dedication in one employee that holds the key to " behind the scenes" or the quote "Beauty an the Beast" Pictures that make their clients businesses a success. As a person I am glad your my friend. As a client/business owner~ Dude, YOU THE MAN!!! And Daphne and I truly believe YOU and the girls of 360 have made a huge impact on the Growth, the Success and the Positive influence we receive daily from our customers. In closing PEOPLE all get wrapped up in this fast pace world we call life, But we all should Give credit where its really due and that my friend is what I just did.
Thank You,
Les an Daphne Harper
Illuzion Inkz Design and Signs Inc.
Submitted by: Les in Ketchum on 2014-04-24 12:52:52