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Meet our Photographers!

Jeff Millikin

Jeff Millikin - Photographer

Jeff has been with 360GrandLake since the start in early 2010, providing us with timeless pictures he has captured of Grand Lake, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. His photos range from events, commercial shoots, nature shots and of course the people! He definitely catches people in their element and showcases all of the beauty in all forms around Grand Lake! Jeff resides in Ketchum and you will see him all around the lake with his cap on backwards and camera in hand giving you a thumbs up and waiting for a smile. 

Vern Spain

Vern Spain - Photographer

Vern has been working in conjunction with 360grandlake since early 2011 providing us with his view of the Grand Lake area. He specializes in nature shots and capturing people going by his deck on Grand Lake. Vern lives on Grand Lake with his wife Arlene. 

R.C. Livesay

R.C. Livesay - Photographer

Offers more than 15 years experience, and a unique passion and interest that brings out the true beauty of life through photography. That talented embrace for the perfect shot has gotten him featured on local TV shows, local papers, CNN and of course 360GrandLake ! 

About RC

Ever since I can remember, I've been drawn to nature and the out-of-doors. In younger years I often interacted with nature through off-road motorcycling, hang gliding, and boating on the Monterey Bay in California. During most of these years I felt that I was an adventurer only, and that I did not have a drop of artistic talent, or even artistic interest in my body. However, as I grew older and got involved in other life roles, I began to realize that I often saw light, shapes, and patterns in the environment that other people didn't see. Noticing them and even commenting on them was somehow quite rewarding.

When I was finally able to move to Oklahoma on Grand Lake, I was fortunate enough to move into a lakefront home with my own dock and boat in the backyard. I soon discovered that this gave me instant access to 60 miles of beautiful freshwater and nature. Once I began to take a camera out into this environment on a regular basis, nature and wildlife photography, in its never ending variety, took hold of me and I never looked back.

Before long I discovered that capturing imaginative images of people as well as nature, was also rewarding. And, it allowed me to integrate my photographic skills with my understanding of people and their personalities stemming from my lengthy counseling career. Later on I discovered that I could also utilize my eye for composition and shapes in order to bring homes and businesses to life through the camera's eye. At this time I added commercial and real estate photography to my photographic resume as well.

More recently still, I began work with a series of photos and use them to create a compelling story and plot. This process resulted in my popular photo book, "The Secret life of the Grand Lake Pelican", and most recently "Jerry Ann's Place".

Finally, I began to take a series of photos and put them together with music and moving transitions, in order to make a video-like production that tells a story with music as an enhancing background. One of these was recently featured on television.

Since Grand Lake of the Cherokees is where I live, I have found a unique passion and interest for bringing this freshwater paradise to the life through photographic images, and communicating this beauty to the country at large. Many of my images now appear on both local and national television as well as newspapers and magazines in Oklahoma and other states.