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BOLT Fiber Optic Services

BOLT Fiber Optic Services offers reliable internet, phone and TV service for residential and commercial customers in a five-county area.

BOLT Fiber Optic Services
270339 South 4440 Road
Vinita, OK 74301
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BOLT Fiber Optic Services
212 South Main
Grove, OK 74344
< Today's Hours: Closed - 2 Locations
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About BOLT Fiber Optics Services

BOLT Fiber Optic Services started construction of a fiber optic network in early 2014. Deployment along this network started on a three-phase approach.  After re-evaluating our construction process, we have went to a more demand based approach.  We are currently live with active service in 30 separate communities, or what we call Customer Service Area's (CSA's), with another 15 nearing the live service, and 10 more shortly after that.  Here is a link to our construction map and construction updates pages. 

BOLT is offering customers an opportunity to subscribe to a “triple play” bundles of broadband services that includes data, HD TV, and VoIP phone service. Internet connectivity packages are available up to 1 Gigabit. HDTV packages include either Tulsa, or Joplin local channels as well as most all of the other great channels customers are currently accustomed to receiving. VoIP packages include both local and unlimited calling choices. Plans

If you are interested in any of the new services by BOLT Fiber Optic Services or would like more information, please call and speak with a customer service representative at 1-844-256-2658 or e-mail info@boltfiber.com.

Services Offered

Enjoy fast and reliable Internet, TV and VoIP Home Phone service for residential and commercial at a great low price.  


  • Internet Starting at 100 Mbps up to Gigabit
  • Home Phone service from $19.99 and up
  • Lifeline Phone Service
  • Bundles for additional savings

Contact a BOLT Fiber Residential Specialist to sign up today, 1-844-256-BOLT 


  • Internet from 20 Mbps up to Gigabit
  • Basic Business VOIP Phone or Unlimited Business VOIP Phone Service
  • BOLT Business Services
  • Email Hosting
  • HD Television Service

Contact a BOLT Fiber Business Specialist to discuss how BOLT can help your business, 1-844-256-BOLT

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BOLT Fiber Optic Services