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918 Elevate Grand Lake

Raising the standard for cannabis dispensaries, South Grand Lake’s premier medical marijuana dispensary offers premium THC and CBD products at an affordable price.

918 Elevate Grand Lake
132 Main Street
Disney, OK 74340
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
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Flower Hour

Every day from 4 to 6 p.m., it’s Flower Hour at 918 Elevate Grand Lake with $8 grams. Don’t miss this great special.

“The Best Dispensary on the Island”

South Grand Lake’s premier medical marijuana dispensary, 918 Elevate Grand Lake is committed to providing patients a premium product at an affordable price.

Located in a former gas station on Main Street in Disney, 918 Elevate Grand Lake’s mission is to help patients find symptom relief with effective cannabis medicine.

Much like you would turn to the advice of your doctor and/or pharmacist to find the proper medication to relieve your ailments, the budtenders at 918 Elevate Grand Lake can guide you to the best cannabis products to meet your specific needs.

The dispensary offers a selection of high-quality cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, lotions and edibles, as well as CBD tinctures, pet treats, bath bombs and more. For microdosing, 918 Elevate Grand Lake has several tinctures available, including a THC-CBD blend.

918 Elevate Grand Lake exclusively carries its own in-house flower strains. This high-quality medical cannabis is grown and processed at a 918 Elevate facility in Tulsa.

The company’s cannabis cultivation center is set up for year-round production with both outdoor grow and indoor hydro grow facilities, ensuring its signature strains are always available.

A variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains are available at 918 Elevate Grand Lake, including Skunk Berry, Pineapple Express, San Fernando Valley 06, Blue Cookies, Cherry Pie, Sherbet, Haze, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, White Chocolate and Blood Orange Diamond

The Tulsa facilities opened in February 2019. Because it offers the same 918 Elevate strains as the Tulsa dispensary, when the Grand Lake dispensary opened in August 2019, it quickly became the go-to dispensary for Tulsa residents visiting Grand Lake.

Knowing the source of the flower means the budtenders at 918 Elevate Grand Lake also know what goes into each strain and what it is best used for.

“We have a lot of faith in our product,” says 918 Elevate Grand Lake Manager Shelly Martin, who is a firm believer in the therapeutic use of cannabis, having seen very positive results with her own health. “I believe there is a use for THC to treat any issue you have. It’s just a matter of finding the right product.”

Martin and Assistant Manager and Budtender Ray O’Neill have both received training through the THC University and are knowledgeable of the benefits and effects of individual strains and the best delivery systems for each.

“We’re not just cashiers here to supply a product. We want to educate our patients and help each one make informed decisions on which product is best for their individual needs,”

“Most people come here because they have a medical condition that they want a solution for with the least side effects,” Martin says. “We take the time to learn about each patient, their needs and their lifestyle and then we recommend what we think will help.”

Flower is individually weighed for each patient at the time of purchase. For those interested in seeing the flower up close, 918 Elevate Grand Lake has a lighted magnifier so they can know they are getting what they’ve paid for.

In addition to its own in-house strains of flower, 918 Elevate Grand Lake carries a wide array of top-shelf, lab-tested products from some of the top producers in the industry. The selection includes Helix Extract cartridges, Arcadia gummies, Smokiez Edibles fruit chews, Emerald Leaf chocolate, Nature’s Key cereal bars and Twisted Extracts tinctures and shatter.

All of the pre-rolls at 918 Elevate Grand Lake are hand-rolled on-site with 918 Elevate flower, except for Caviar Gold pre-rolls, which are also available.

In a hurry? Just like any medical pharmacy, 918 Elevate Grand Lake offers a convenient drive-thru service. Established patients can call ahead and pre-order, then pick up their medical cannabis at the dispensary’s drive-thru window.

In addition to the medical marijuana dispensary, 918 Elevate Grand Lake also carries a selection of unique retail items, including t-shirts, jewelry and fun novelty items perfect for bachelorette and other adult parties.

From premium products and friendly, knowledgeable budtenders to its convenient drive-thru for established patients, 918 Elevate Grand Lake is raising the standard for cannabis dispensaries.

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