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918 Elevate Grand Lake

Raising the standard for cannabis dispensaries, South Grand Lake’s premier medical marijuana dispensary offers premium THC and CBD products at an affordable price.

918 Elevate Grand Lake
132 Main Street
Disney, OK 74340
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
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What to Expect at 918 Elevate Grand Lake

A Starter’s Guide

Best Dispensary on the Island
South Grand Lake's premier medical marijuana dispensary, 918 Elevate grand Lake is conveniently located at 132 Main St., in Disney.

There are at least 779 strains of cannabis that have been named and recognized by the marijuana community, each with a unique combination of flavors, tastes, effects and characteristics.

Cannabis also contains 80 known cannabinoids the active chemicals in cannabis that affect different parts of the body and brain, so choosing a strain isnt as simple as stoner movies would have you believe.

And with more than 7,300 business licenses approved by state regulators in the first year after Oklahoma voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana in 2018, its easy to see why medical marijuana can be so confusing.

With so many choices, its important for new users to find a dispensary with a knowledgeable team of budtenders who can demystify the process of buying and using medical cannabis.

South Grand Lakes premier medical marijuana dispensary, 918 Elevate Grand Lake is just such a place.

Whether its your first visit to a dispensary or your 1,001, the friendly, professional staff at 918 Elevate Grand Lake will ensure your experience is both comfortable and easy. The budtenders have all received training through the THC University and are knowledgeable of the benefits and effects of individual strains and the best delivery systems for each.

They are also committed to helping patients find symptom relief with effective cannabis medicine.

Much like you would turn to the advice of your doctor and/or pharmacist to find the proper medication to relieve your ailments, the budtenders at 918 Elevate Grand Lake can guide you to the best cannabis products to meet your specific needs.

Firm believers in the health benefits of cannabis, they are ready to educate their patients and help you make informed decisions on which  product is best to meet your individual needs.

So what should you expect on your first visit to 918 Elevate Grand Lake?

First, you must be 18 years of age to enter the dispensary. To enter the flower room, you must have a medical marijuana card.

Inside the front door, youll find a selection of retail and novelty items for sale, a seating area and a window beside the door that leads to the flower room.

Present your medical marijuana card at the window and a budtender will verify your medical card number through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. The law requires medical marijuana patients be checked in at each visit.

Once your card has been verified, you can enter the flower room. Thats where the cannabis products are kept and sold. Behind the counter at 918 Elevate Grand Lake, youll find friendly, knowledgeable budtenders who understand that not everyone is as comfortable with or understand medical marijuana the way they do.

Dont be shy. If youre nervous, tell them. Have questions? Just ask. The budtenders at 918 Elevate Grand Lake welcome the chance to educate patients on all aspects of medical cannabis.

If youre looking for a positive and successful experience, choose 918 Elevate Grand Lake.