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Gieser Plumbing, LLC

Family-owned and operated full-service plumbing company offers complete professional residential and commercial services around South Grand Lake and surrounding communities.

Gieser Plumbing, LLC
3998 N Third Street
Grand Towne Center Suites 13 & 14
Langley, OK 74350
Fax: 918.782.9614
Today's Hours: Closed
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Video Inspection

Specialty Service

Since 2012, Gieser Plumbing has been offering video inspection. This specialty service gives Gieser Plumbing eyes underground, allowing its team of professionals to easily locate sewer lines, septic systems, blockages and breaks.

The video inspection system includes a camera and locating equipment.

Used only on sewer lines, the camera is put into the sewer system from an access point such as the clean-out, toilet, vent, etc. It can be used to locate where a septic tank and its lines are located. The video camera can also be used to check proper drainage, find blockages or breaks in the line.

Video inspection has been used by Gieser Plumbing to settle homeowner/municipality differences by determining where lines and plumbing issues are located.

A video inspection saves customers time and money. It gives a fast and reliable look at the plumbing issue without requiring costly demolition to find the problem.

To find out more about video inspection and how this technology can help solve your plumbing needs, call Gieser Plumbing at (918) 782-1800 today.