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Marine Damage Consultants

Marine Damage Consultants offers marine surveying and damage appraisal in both power and sailing yachts from 15' to 100', since 1985.

Marine Damage Consultants
Tom Benton, Senior Marine Surveyor, AMS #305
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About Us

Marine Damage Consultants specializes in yacht and small craft inspections.

Tom Benton, Senior Marine Surveyor has been working in yacht repair, sales, marine surveying, and damage appraisal in both power and sailing yachts from 15' to 100' since 1985, and he is proficient in engine and outdrive failure analysis. His accreditation's and work history also include SAMS® Accredited Marine Surveyor — Yacht and Small Craft, he is a Former Staff Adjuster — Marine Claims Specialist — Zurich, Farmers and Foremost insurance companies and offers more than 30 years experience as a Full-Time Marine Surveyor

The team at Marine Damage Consultants also includes Lacey Herriven, SAMS® — SA2. She is a surveyor associate and a third-year apprentice working alongside Tom Benton. 

Our Services

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

This type of survey is what is normally ordered by a prospective buyer, usually as a condition of purchase, before a sale is completed.

A pre-purchase marine survey includes a complete detailed visual inspection of all accessible areas of the vessel and inspection of all marine systems, including hull and stringer systems, propulsion machinery, electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning systems, generator sets, shore power systems, etc., and operational tests if possible. It will also include a comprehensive written report, and an appraisal of the fair market value of the vessel.

Special services are charged by the hour, over and above the survey fee. Special services include the following: Corrosion Testing, Hull Moisture Testing, Electrical Trouble-Shooting, and Sea-Trial.

“Limited” Condition and Value Insurance Survey

This type of survey is normally ordered by the present owner of a vessel, usually at the request of his insurance company, as a condition of renewing the insurance policy. The purpose is to assure the insurance company that the vessel has been adequately maintained since the time of the last inspection and that there are no glaring deficiencies that are likely to put the insurance company at financial risk.

The survey includes a basic inspection for deficiencies relating to life and safety, an appraisal, and a “Short Form” report stating the general condition of the vessel, including notation of any obvious defects.

This inspection is designed to satisfy the minimum requirements of most insurance company requests for a survey. In most cases, it will also meet the appraisal requirements of lenders.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a “STATIC” inspection. Operational tests are not included. This is not considered a pre-purchase inspection. It does include the information that insurance companies need to issue or re-issue a yacht policy.

Corrosion Surveys and Testing

This specialized type of survey is an extra service, commonly, but not exclusively, performed on metal hull vessels to assess the potential for damage due to the existence of galvanic current.

The process involves in-the-water testing of galvanic current corrosion potential, utilizing a Silver/Silver Chloride Half Cell.

Tests confirm proper operation of sacrificial anodes (Zincs).

Contact us at (918) 782-1001 to have him send you a current work order.

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