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Flock Enterprises

If you want your telecommunications construction project done right and completed on time, within budget and safely, contact Flock Enterprises.

Flock Enterprises
12665 Hwy 69 North.
Adair, OK 74301
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About Flock Enterprises

We Get the Job Done Right

Our reputation is spreading throughout Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and beyond. Our reputation speaks for itself: in 2017, we won every project we bid, and our rapid growth continues.

Additionally, Flock Enterprises is becoming certified as a Minority Owned Business as well as a Women’s Business Enterprise, offering clients the potential for tax breaks and incentives.

About Aerial Construction

Although underground construction for telecommunications infrastructure — in fact, for all utilities — is usually preferred, the cost and time involved can be prohibitive. An aerial build is faster and, at least in the short term, usually more cost effective. We’re very experienced with aerial construction. One of our recent projects involved over 400 miles of cable, including both aerial and underground. That’s a lot of poles and splicing.

We can hang cable to complete a project fast and work with you to plan a future upgrade to underground cable in conjunction with other underground work to be done later. We can help you to get a reliable system in place and can help you to maintain that system.

About Splicing

Keep Network Performance High

Flock Enterprises knows the importance of splicing correctly

Our trained employees use our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our spliced seams have the least loss and back reflection possible, allowing your installation peak network performance. You want your project done on time, and you want it done right, with maximum speed and reliability.

About Underground Construction

Fewer outages and lower maintenance costs

Underground construction can seem prohibitively expensive during the initial phase of construction, but, in the long term, fewer outages and lower maintenance costs can make choosing this option a sound financial decision. Underground installations are safe from weather and most animals, with the greatest threat of unplanned outages coming from construction equipment digging through the installation at a later date.

About Subscriber Drop Placement

Communication is key — customer service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities

Subscriber drop placement brings the end user into the project. This requires a sensitivity to the individuals’ needs, be it preserving elaborate landscaping, protecting a built-in sprinkler system, or even scheduling around a neighborhood party. Our employees are trained to communicate with the residents at a job site and find out what the individual client needs and expects from the drop before digging begins.