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Monkey Island Pub

Monkey Island Pub

Looking for a fun place to meet friends on Grand Lake? Join us at the Monkey Island Pub! A welcoming atmosphere with an Irish flair and plenty of entertainment options.

Monkey Island Pub
55950 East 290 Road
Monkey Island, OK 74331
Today's Hours: 4:00PM - 2:00AM
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Monkey Island Pub Products & Menus

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White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Chocolate Martini
Chocolate Martini
Black and Tan
Guinness and Bass
Anyway Redbull
We carry Redbull and can mix it anyway you want it!

Most Popular:
Sailor Jerry & Redbull
R&Rs (Crown & Redbull)
Flavored Vodka & Redbull

And much more, just ask your mixologist!
Irish Kiss
This deliciously sweet cocktail is like having dessert with a kick!
Peach Sunrise
Christmas Coffee
It doesn't have to be December to enjoy this yummy drink; we serve it all year long!
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shots
Shot Special
Choose from any of the following shots for only $4!
Liquid Marijuana
Washington Apples
Apple Sauce
This is my "Zipper " fruit juices, pucker lemonade vodka, blackberry brandy and gingerbeer.
My liquid Marijuana recipe with ginger beer
Moscow Mules
Moscow Mules, made with your choice of liquor.
Liquid Marijuana