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Shangri-La Resort Shangri-La Resort


Your island escape is conveniently located at the tip of Monkey Island on Grand Lake and accessible by land, water and air.

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Real Estate at Shangri-La

The Premier Lake lifestyles

Located on the property of the famed Shangri-La Golf Club, Resort & Marina, the most popular attraction on Oklahoma's Grand Lake O The Cherokees. Real estate is available in The Ridge & The Gallery with homes created with exquisite designs and constructed with unparalleled quality. The Island has become the preferred playground on Grand Lakes 1,300 miles of shoreline with yacht charters, boat rentals, parasailing, clubs, restaurants, trail rides, and, of course, the best golf course in the region. 

Find out why Monkey Island is the fastest growing real estate market on Grand Lake, and Shangri-La is its crown jewel.