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Doggie-Do Grooming and Boarding Doggie-Do Grooming and Boarding

Doggie-Do Grooming and Boarding

Full-service grooming and boarding facility in Grove offers quality, loving, and affordable services to pets across the Grand Lake area, including day care.

31395 South 618 Road
Grove, OK 74344
Today's Hours: 7:15AM - 5:30PM
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Dogs and Cats and Exotics, Oh My!

Snack Time!
Small or large, everyone enjoys snack time at Doggie-Do Grooming and Boarding.

Doggie-Do Grooming and Boarding is a full-service grooming and boarding facility, offering quality, loving and affordable services to pets of all sizes, shapes, breeds and species.

Not just for dogs and cats, the services offered at Doggie-Do also extend to exotic pets. The services available include:

Professional Grooming Services

Regular grooming is important for the health, comfort and appearance of a pet. It helps keep pets looking and feeling their best. The pet groomers at Doggie-Do will make sure your pet looks pawsitively sensational!

Doggie-Do offers professional grooming services for dogs of all breeds and all shapes and sizes. The experienced groomers can handle any type of fur, cut or temperament.

Every groom at Doggie-Do, whether it is a brush out on short-haired dogs or a full cut, includes a full bath, blow dry, brush out, toenails cut and/or filed, anal glands expressed if necessary and ear cleaning. Trimming and shaping of the dogs coat can be done in accordance with breed standards or to the owners preference.

Prices on grooming services at Doggie-Do are competitive and quite reasonable.

Walk-ins will be accommodated when possible, but appointments are preferred for grooming.

Pet Boarding

For those occasions when you need to be away, Doggie-Do offers pet boarding so you can go about your plans worry-free.

Whether youre vacationing, traveling or going out of town for the weekend, the pet boarding services at Doggie-Do will provide your pets with the care they deserve in a safe, friendly environment.

Doggie-Dos climate-controlled boarding facility can comfortably board 75 dogs and 10 cats. Amenities available to your furry family member include five indoor/outdoor runs, top-of-the-line equipment and a 1 1/2-acre double-fenced yard with shade trees and a deck. There are also misters and a swimming pool to keep them cool when playing outdoors.

The staff at Doggie-Do prides itself on hospitality and their ability to work with any sort of dog, big or small, young or old. They understand the concerns you have for your dog and will work to accommodate them.

Pets boarding at Doggie-Do are always well looked after. The staff makes sure each pet enjoys their stay no matter how long that might be. In addition to quality food, pet boarders receive daily interaction with staff, as well as proper exercise and a day full of fun.

Doggie-Do provides pillows, blankets and food bowls for each boarder.

Doggie-Do follows the pack theory. All dogs are evaluated to see if they enjoy off-leash play with the other dogs. Dog-friendly boarders can play outside and visit the grooming shop.

Dogs are only together when a member of the Doggie-Do staff is on-hand. When staff are not available to supervise play, the boarders stay in their own separate houses. Boarders are checked on four times a day on the weekend.

Prices for boarding range from $10 to $15 a night, depending on the size of the pet and whether or not the fur babys parent supplies their food.

Weekend drop-off and pick-ups for boarding are 7:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Walk-ins are accepted for boarding.

Day-Care Services

Of course, every pet lover would like to spend their days at home playing with their fur baby. Unfortunately, life (and jobs) happen. For those days when you have to be away from home but you dont want to leave your pet home alone, Doggie-Do offers day-care services.

The day care at Doggie-Do is designed for your dog to socialize, play and have fun. The staff will make sure your pet gets all the attention and activity needed to keep them happy and healthy. The animals are separated by size.

The climate-controlled facility and social interaction with other dogs will have your fur baby wagging their tail to come back and play at Doggie-Do.

Doggie-Dos highly trained staff are experienced dog handlers and are qualified to perform life-saving techniques, so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Snacks are provided, but you must provide lunch for your pet, if needed.

Walk-ins are accepted for day care at Doggie-Do.

Pet Training

Pet training is another service offered by Doggie-Do.

Owner Connie Norris has more than 40 years experience training dogs and is currently the president of the Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club. She teaches obedience classes through the club, which is located on state Highway 10.

Norris and the instructors are dedicated to making sure you have the most disciplined and well-behaved pet.

Due to this dedication, their pet training is unmatched. The instructors work tirelessly to provide innovative and effective methods to train your pet. Regardless of its temperament or abilities, they are confident they can help your pet reach its potential.

Using positive reinforcement, they will make sure your pet is successful, not only in the classroom but also in the real world, and for long after it receives the certificate of completion.

Norris and the trainers at Doggie-Do work with both younger animals as well as older ones. Their experience gives them the confidence to train any pet, even yours.

Call Doggie-Do for more information about pet training or watch the Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club page on Facebook for details on upcoming classes.

Not Just Dogs

Despite the name, theyre not just dog people at Doggie-Do. They love animals of all kinds. At Doggie-Do, this love is shown by offering grooming, boarding and day-care services for cats and exotic pets, as well as dogs.

Cat grooming is very different from grooming a dog and requires a special approach, training and experience. The staff at Doggie-Do understands the special grooming techniques and know how to use the blades and feline-related care products that are necessary when grooming a cat because of its anatomy and coat.

They will work to make sure your cat is calm and comfortable throughout its visit. They will also cater to your specifications and any health concerns your cat may have.

True animal lovers, the staff at Doggie-Do has also groomed rabbits and are willing to groom your exotic pet.

Doggie-Do also offers exotic pet boarding and day-care services, so you never have to worry about where to leave your exotic pet. While your exotic pet is at Doggie-Do, the staff will provide the best possible care for your pet, no matter how exotic or how high-maintenance it may be.

Goats, potbellied pigs, ferrets, birds and snakes are just some of the exotic pets who have been boarders at Doggie-Do.

Before your pets stay, Doggie-Do requires documentation proving your exotic pet is healthy and wont affect any of the other animals in a negative way.

You can be assured that your pet, no matter what species it is, will be safe and well taken care of during its stay at Doggie-Do.

Animal Supplies

For your shopping convenience, Doggie-Do carries a variety of animal supplies in stock. This selection ranges from the highest-quality food for pets from dogs to goldfish to the latest products to pamper your pet, including animal bedding to aquarium products.

Doggie-Do provides products for pets of all shapes, sizes and species. With so many animal supplies available, shopping for your pet has never been so easy.