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Outdoor Surface Solutions Outdoor Surface Solutions

Outdoor Surface Solutions

Outdoor Surface Solutions is a full service landscaping and lawn maintenance company serving the Grand Lake Area and beyond.

Outdoor Surface Solutions
35487 South Highway 82
Vinita, OK 74301
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Having a properly functioning irrigation system that has been meticulously designed for the specifics of the lawn in question is the key difference between having a so-so lawn, and having a great one. Thats why a weekend spray with the garden hose wont cut it. If you really want your storefront or home to make an impression, you need Outdoor Surface Solutions on the job. We can design, repair, and install an effective and precisely tuned sprinkler or drip system. Call (918) 964-1028 and ask about a free estimate.

Sprinkler Systems
A properly installed irrigation system is quite literally the lifeblood of your landscape. Achieving a lush, vibrant lawn is acquired through an even distribution of water at the appropriate coverage level for the type of grass and circumstances of the landscape. Bringing in a professional is essential, and no one knows lawns like Outdoor Surface Solutions. Our expert team will guide you in selecting the perfect system to meet your yards specific requirements, and youll have the satisfaction of knowing youre in good hands that know your lawn inside and out. Were there every step of the way from consultation and design, to installation and maintenance.

Sprinkler Repair
Once youve selected the appropriate sprinkler system for your yard, you want to ensure its longevity. Outdoor Surface Solutions has your back! We specialize in repair and maintenance for all types of sprinkler systems, including: Spray, rotary, and drip irrigation systems. No matter your lawn size, our team can make sure you get your moneys worth out of your personal or commercial irrigation equipment.