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Excitement Is Building as 2018 Aquapalooza Grand Lake Draws Near

High-energy band 5th Element will be rockin’ the stage at Grand Lake’s largest on-the-water concert and raft up Saturday, July 21.

It’s almost time to gas up the boat, slather on suncreen and proceed to party. Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees’ biggest on-the-water concert and raft up is just a little over a week away and anticipation is growing.


On Saturday, July 21, boaters and water lovers of all ages will boat, paddle and swim their way to South Grand Lake for the most epic party of all — 2018 Aquapalooza Grand Lake!

A popular Grand Lake tradition that draws more than 14,000 partiers from all over the country, Aquapalooza Grand Lake is a legendary experience you don’t want to miss. Rockin’ the lake from 1 to 5 p.m., the floating four-hour-long concert is free and open to all ages.

5th Element Band

Presented by 360GrandLake.com, the ninth annual Aquapalooza Grand Lake will feature power-packed musical entertainers, 5th Element.

An upbeat, high-energy cover band based out of Tulsa, 5th Element blends a variety of genres, from country and classic rock to blues and R&B, as well as pop and dance favorites from the ’80s to current Top 40 hits. Co-lead vocalist Christi King promises an entertaining show with something for everyone.

“We don’t really stick to one genre. We try to sing different types to hit every genre and age,” King said. “And, we play the songs that we love.”

This is not your standard repetitive and boring party/cover band. The members of 5th Element bring together a mixture of musical tastes and backgrounds to create a sound that is all their own.

The dual-fronted band is comprised of professional musicians with years of musical experience who have traveled and been on tour with different artists. In addition to King, 5th Element includes co-lead vocalist Shawn Wilson, guitar player Mickie Knight, drummer Roger Nottsed and bass player Darren Westbrooks.

5th Element has performed in a number of different venues all over the region, including at casinos and on Grand Lake at Sharky’s Bar and Shangri-La.

Summer’s Biggest Party

A giant celebration of all things summer, 2018 Aquapalooza Grand Lake is floating south this summer. The event will be held between the spillways, just off the boat ramp at the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park, in Disney. From land, the location is on Highway 28, east of the Disney Rock Cabins and the Pensacola Dam.

TowBoatU.S Grand Lake is the stage sponsor and will be providing the floating barge stage, which will be anchored just off the shore. Because the stage will be located so close to shore, the designated swim area will be easily accessible by land, by Grand or by giant unicorn (inflatable floatie).

The first several rows of boats at Aquapalooza Grand Lake will have a wide area to tie up in at the South Grand Lake site. In addition, sea anchors will be set for anchoring and forming boat lines in deeper waters. Special Event and No Wake buoys will also be set up all around the area.

Boaters won’t be able to miss the stage, the huge tent or the banners flying on many of the thousands of boats expected for the event. They are invited to boat up and enjoy the concert. For everyone’s safety, keep an eye out for other boaters, swimmers and, of course, the Special Event No Wake signs.

During the event, there will be no launching at the site of Aquapalooza Grand Lake, but boaters will be able to access the boat ramp at the Cherokee Lakeside area of the state park near the Pensacola Dam.

ParadisePads will once again be the official floating pads of Aquapalooza Grand Lake. The company will line the swim area in front of the stage with a number of colorful, foam water rafts for swimmers to lounge on during the event.

There will also be special promotion giveaways thrown from the stage, giving those swimming or lounging close by something besides great memories to take home.

Organizers will provide “tons of inflatables, like beach balls and mats” in the swim area. However, swimmers should bring their own inflatables and mats to know they’ll be comfortable.

Where to Stay

One of the most common questions asked about Aquapalooza Grand Lake is “where can I stay?” The Grand Lake area has a large number of RV parks, hotels, cabins, resorts and casitas to choose from.

Another option would be staying at the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park, which has several smaller parks that offer RV and tent camping sites. The Grand View area is located across the spillway from where the Aquapalooza barge stage will be set up. It has both RV and tent sites; however, reservations are required for the RV sites at Grand View.

Directly across Highway 28 from the event, Disney South offers tent camping only. These sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis only. No reservations are accepted for Disney South.

The state park area nearest to Pensacola Dam is Lakeside. Both RV and tent sites are available at Lakeside. Reservations are needed for the RV sites.

To find out more about the accommodations or to reserve an RV site at the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park, visit www.gocampok.com. Reservations for RV sites are only accepted online.

Aquapalooza-goers staying at the state park should be aware that beverages containing more than 3.2 percent alcohol by weight are not allowed in Oklahoma state parks. Hard liquor also is prohibited. Aluminum bottles and cans are acceptable, but no glass containers are allowed.

While you’re making plans to attend this summer’s biggest party, don’t forget to pick up your Aquapalooza Grand Lake gear. Tank tops, T-shirts, flags and beach towels are available for purchase

at https://teespring.com/stores/aquapalooza-store. Order yours today so you’ll have your gear in time for the concert.

Vendors Welcome

Food vendors and vendor booths will be set up around the parking lot at Disney North during Aquapalooza Grand Lake. Vendors must have both a City of Disney and a state park vending permit. A $100 donation to Aquapalooza Grand Lake is also required. Permits can be purchased at the Disney City Hall and at the golf course below the dam.

Before purchasing the permits, organizers recommend those interested in being a vendor contact 360GrandLake.com at (918) 782-9546 for an application form. Space is limited so vendors are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

To stay up-to-date on all things Aquapalooza Grand Lake, join the event on Facebook at 2018 Aquapalooza Grand Lake.


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