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Boat Concierge Service Company Comes to South Grand Lake

Boat Ownership Just Got Easier as Boat Concierge Service Company Comes to South Grand Lake

The best part of owning a boat is being out on the water with your family and friends.

The downside of boat ownership are the numerous chores that are necessary before you even hit the water, such as fueling and stocking your boat. There’s also the clean-up, servicing and maintenance tasks that are needed between and after excursions.

Now imagine arriving at the lake to find your pristine boat sitting dockside, fueled, stocked and ready for go. Picture yourself returning to the slip at the end of a fun day on the water and heading straight to your car confident in the knowledge that your boat will be properly cleaned, cared for and stowed without you having to lift a finger.

This dream of stress-free ownership is now a reality for boat owners on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees thanks to the concierge services provided by Duke’s Boat Concierge, LLC.

Owned and operated by retired professional Duke Thompson, Duke’s Boat Concierge has brought a coastal idea to the beautiful waters of Grand Lake. Boat concierge services have long been available at marinas in major coastal cities.

Much like a 5-star hotel concierge, a boat concierge is focused on minimizing the hassle of preparing and caring for the boat thus ensuring the owner has an enjoyable boating experience.

Serving the South Grand Lake area, DBC offers full-service boating concierge services to accommodate your every need.

A longtime boat owner himself, Thompson has designed his services to streamline and enhance each client’s boating experience.

The available services range from removing/replacing the boat cover, refueling the gas tank and refilling the water tank to stocking provisions for the beverage cabinet and refrigerator, inflating water floats and even changing sheets, towels and mats if needed.

DBC will also check and charge golf cart batteries, set up dock furniture, spider bomb the cabin and much more. If a mechanical or electrical repair issue is noticed, DBC will notify the owner and/or the marina so repairs can be made before the boat is needed.

Bottom line, DBC services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Reliable, Dependable and Professional

DBC is backed by Thompson’s 47 years of business experience, including 30 years at Sharp Electronics, where he sold professional displays to commercial clients.

He understands and applies the same old school business principals he followed in the corporate world to his boat concierge business. Superior customer service, delivering on what is promised and giving 100 percent to every task is how business gets done at DBC. DBC also provides each client with a checklist of services performed and the date completed.

In addition, Thompson personally takes care of each client. He is reliable, dependable and insured with a strong work ethic. Clients of DBC can be confident that if Thompson says something will be done or that he’ll be there at a certain time, he will promptly follow through.

Thompson promises that the high standards at DBC will meet and exceed his clients’ expectations every time. In order to uphold this promise, DBC only accepts a limited number of clients. Limiting the clientele allows Thompson to focus his full attention on every detail and meeting every request made by his clients so everything is exactly how they want it when they arrive. They just have to show up, load their bags and go.

So, whether your boat is at a South Grand Lake marina or private dock, if you’re ready to maximize the time you spend on Grand Lake and spend less time preparing and caring for your boat, give DBC a call today at (918) 691-5859.

Serving the South Grand Lake area from Disney, Okla., Duke’s Boat Concierge works all week so its boat owners can have the weekend free to play.


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