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Medical Supplies

Members of the Grove Rotary packed up medical supplies gathered for both local uses and for shipment to those in need around the world. 
Grove Rotary gathers medical supplies for free distribution
The Grove Rotary Medical Supply Committee traveled to Tulsa this week to pack up everything from wheelchairs to cabinets and chairs. Medical equipment is provided to those in need in the Grove area as well as providing free medical equipment and supplies to those in need throughout the world.
The Rotarians solicit donations of new or used medical equipment and supplies to deliver to the Tulsa warehouse. Donations come from the hospital, doctor’s offices, estate sales, and individuals who no longer need the equipment and supplies.
Members help sort, repair, identify and store materials in a central warehouse in Tulsa.  
The Rotary District Director arranges for international shipping then packs and ships cargo pods to medical facilities around the world.  District Rotary Clubs arrange about one shipment per month with a retail value of approximately $800,000.
Members of the Grove Rotary Medical Supply Committee include Greg Fletcher, chair; Ken Noteboom, vice chair; Jeffrey Dozier, Mike Johnston, Gary Herrington, Norm Carnett, Ken Augustine, Lawrence Toigo, Berwin Kock, Leonard Francis, Terry Ary, Mike Bass, Sam Huckaby, Ken Flowers, Susan Bass, Bill Lee, Ellie Garrett, Rod McFarland, Jon Bidnick, Louise Templin, Robert Hinman, David Bridges, Tarren Evans, Don Pappe, and Connie Jameson.


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