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Tips for Cold Weather Boating

Tips for Cold Weather Boating

Even though the calendar says winter, many people still find their way to the lakes this time of year for some memorable outings, despite the colder weather.

However, the lower temperatures do call for some extra precautions on the water. Here are some tips to remember if you are planning a winter outing to the lake or river: 

  • First of all, no matter the season, wear your life jacket.
  • Cell phones: There is less traffic on the water this time of year, which means fewer boaters to flag down for emergency or non-emergency help. Be sure to take your cell phone along (in a waterproof container) so you can reach someone if needed. 
  • Dress for the weather: This is a common sense tip but it’s very important. While many people dress in additional layers to guard against the cold temperatures, they need to know that those layers can present a hazard if you do accidentally go into the water. Fortunately, there is a wide range of flotation-equipped cold weather gear available today. It is designed to provide an individual with all the warmth they need without sacrificing safety.
  • Finally, whether you are boating in January or July, it is also important to file a “float plan” any time you visit the water. Let someone know where you intend to be boating, who is going with you and when you expect to return.

By taking proper wintertime precautions, wearing proper gear and practicing the common sense boating safety tips that are applicable year-round, boaters can still enjoy the water no matter what the calendar is showing. 

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