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Frontline Heroes Week 2

Rotarian Jason Evans manager of Mulligans along with several donors made sure the Grove Police, Fire and EMTs know they are appreciated by donating a great lunch for all their members. #StrongerTogetherGrove
Grand Lake Nutrition has been serving the community by providing healthy and delicious lunches for many groups including the Grove Fire Department, Grand Lake Healthcare, Wee Little Lambs and many more. Definitely a Frontline Hero from owner Ford Griggs and his staff. Dr. Joe Gelinas and his staff enjoy their delivery. #StrongerTogetherGrove
The Grove Small Animal Hospital has been serving clients by taking care of pets and still practicing social distancing and are definitely Frontline Heroes. Just like their owners, pets need medical care and Dr. Jan Smith and Dr. Kathy Dunaway along with their staff have been there. (Left to right) Katie Hilton, Madison Roberti, Catherine Beach, Kelley Robinson and Dr. Kathy Dunaway. #StrongerTogetherGrove
On Thursday, Grove Rotarian Carol LaRue picks the company responsible for preparing the Jay Public School breakfasts and lunches each day as her Frontline Hero. OPAA! is a family-owned business that serves school districts. Rona Vann helped pack the lunches in Jay as schools are making sure district children don’t go hungry and are easing at least some of their parent’s concerns. #StrongerTogetherGrove
Caring for abandoned and abused animals is a difficult job, yet Lysa Boston and her staff at Second Chance Pet Rescue have made it their mission. Every day there are dogs and cats in need. Second Chance takes in pets that need medical care, were abused or abandoned from throughout the Grand Lake Area. Thanks for being a Frontline Hero. #StongerTogetherGrove
Nancy Flowers is a Frontline Hero who volunteers throughout the community. Her husband, Rotarian Ken Flowers, says his wife, Nancy, has a heart as big as all outdoors and is involved in so many things. She is an RN (retired) who has volunteered at the Christian Medical Clinic for more than 10 years. She is the pianist at her church as well as teaching Sunday School most Sundays. Nancy serves as the church's Mission Trip Chair and has led eight or nine mission trips to Honduras. Since the shutdowns, she either calls, texts or emails members of her Church and keeps in touch with residents of Grandwood. #StrongerTogetherGrove
The Grand Lake Nursing Center received a May Day surprise package to thank them for their dedication to Rotarian Russell Mosburg. Frontline Heroes. #StrongerTogetherGrove
Rotarian Steve Thomas salutes his wife, Kathryn, as a Frontline Hero. Kathryn Thomas has been working non stop through this crisis helping the community small businesses processing SBA loans as a Loan Processor at Bank of Grand Lake. #StrongerTogetherGrove


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