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Common Bonds

Common Bonds

You will see these two words used together in the world of animal rescue. It is the title of the initiative for Oklahoma to be a Humane State by 2025 for dogs and cats. Ambitious goal??? Absolutely. Can it become a reality - - Yes, it can. The kicker is the answer to What will it take??

For the rural communities, here’s some of my thoughts as we move forward. We begin with a two-step approach to the massive over population of dogs and cats. First step is expand the out-of-state transport for the adoptable ones - - the word “adoptable” has many meanings in rescue – pick the one that works for you. The second, and long term preventative step, is comprehensive – long-term – fix ‘em all spay/neuter for those pet owners and the ones in municipal shelters who are full to over flowing. If we concentrate on these two steps – first - then down the road look at adoption and education, we can set the Oklahoma Standard for rural municipal shelters and rescues who want to be a participant. Oklahoma City set the standard following the Murrah Bombing; revitalized/reenergized/built a new Oklahoma City with the MAPS projects; Tulsa is on the world radar screen with The Gathering Place. Soooo, we can be on the over population animal rescue screen and set a new Oklahoma standard.

Collective Impact works. It takes collaboration, focus on solutions, willingness to keep an open mind and be receptive to new ideas, new solutions and a huge step in learning. Here’s the PAAS numbers: 4,800+ Oklahoma dogs adopted in Colorado. 1,500+ Oklahoma pets fixed.


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