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Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday Gift Giving

There’s something magical about giving the gift of a sweet, wiggly, adorable puppy to someone you love. I remember gifting my dad with “Major” – a rescue puppy from a Captain in the Air Force. My Dad loved the dog and the feeling was mutual, but he was too energetic (the dog) as he grew. So, Major went to a friends farm and lived a happy life running through fields, riding shotgun in the pickup and just being a “happy – somewhat undisciplined – dog. It was a good lesson for me to learn.

This year, for everyone who has the idea of gifting a puppy/dog/kitten/cat to someone they love - - be sure the person receiving the gift is ready, willing and able to take care of the gift for a long time.

And, if it is the right gift to give – or for you to give to yourself - - -please - - please - - please consider visiting your local municipal shelter or nonprofit rescue who works tirelessly to save as many barkers and meowers as they can. You will be richly rewarded with love, purrs, barks, sloppy kisses, purrs and love like you’ve never experienced before.

Most importantly, make the right gift decision - - and when it’s the right decision to make - - everyone wins - - - the rescuer, the homeless pet, and the person who gets a new friend. Soooo go shopping - - spread the word - - and bring a smile to the face of someone you love - - from all of us in rescue.


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