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Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers Don’t Lie

True statement:  In the early days of rescue I didn’t want to “know” how bad overpopulation is for Oklahoma dogs and cats.  Even today, it still gives me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I’m determined to ferret out a realistic count for rural rescues and municipal shelters.

Over the 4th of July weekend, when everyone is busy – either celebrating the 4th – or, if you’re in rescue, picking up a scared dog and hoping you’ll find the owner - I reached out to 13 rescues.   

Sooooo, I posed a question on a closed Facebook rescue group.  With 13, just 13, shelters/rescues responding….in the first 6 months, 2,723+ homeless dogs headed out-of-state.  13 is just a  drop in the bucket – a small number of shelters/rescues. It doesn’t include any of the metropolitan areas.  I think of the Wings of Rescue, Fetch Fido a Flight, Pilots n Paws et al that have been working overtime to get hundreds of dogs out of state.  Good grief, Molly Brown, the figures don’t lie.

There’s a startling similarity to the flood gates that are continuing to open up on a daily basis for many manmade Oklahoma lakes - - and all the organizations that are finding a way to save lives by out-of-state transport.

I will continue to source numbers, work with rescues, promise to never, ever throw anyone under the bus, and share the information as I gather it.  We all rescue differently. We each have an idea of the best home for a homeless dog or cat. And, for too many, the daily toll on our health, emotions and family are huge.

So, if you are in rescue in Oklahoma, please send me your numbers. If you know of someone who is, please ask them to send me their info. Thanks!!!!!

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