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The one in front - - - and those who wait in line

The one in front - - - and those who wait in line

One of the most difficult decisions I made had its beginning at another shelter.  As you read this, please understand ….. this doesn’t work for everyone in rescue …. it shouldn’t because we need everyone working toward a common goal.

There was a beautiful dog at another shelter.  He’d been there for more than 2 years and had challenges when it came to interacting with other dogs and humans.  I gave the entire staff one year to find a home for him. In addition, we had to keep the kennel next to his vacant - - so for one year, 52 weeks, there were 2 kennels we could not use to rescue those who were waiting in line for someone to please give them a chance.  At the end of the year, we made the heart-breaking decision. What haunts me, even today, is that I know for 52 weeks, 2 kennels were “occupied” - - 50+ dogs who we could have rescued – never got a chance.

This philosophy isn’t for everyone.  We need those who save the one in front of them….and they need us to save those who are waiting.  Recently, this was so brought home to me when our transport had to be put on “hold” for a few weeks.  We couldn’t send those who were waiting for the overnight trip to a new home in Colorado.

To add to this, this past week we had a transport to Dumb Friends League, a transport to Wayside Waifs and a spay/neuter clinic where 31 pets were “fixed”.

As we move toward the goal of a Humane State for dogs and cats by 2025 - - it takes all of us - - those who rescue the one in front of them, those who foster, those who save the ones waiting in line and, most importantly, those pet owners who get their beloved pets “fixed”.  THANKS!!!!


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