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Trust and Technology

Trust and Technology

When you’re reading this post, 60+ homeless Oklahoma and Texas dogs will have spent one night at PAAS on their way to a new home in Colorado and Minnesota. That’s 60 dogs who will soon have new homes - - albeit in much colder climate - - but they won’t be languishing in an overcrowded municipal shelter or be the next on the list to not make it out of the shelter at all.

All of this is work is based on trust and technology. The trust, for us, started with Dumb Friends League. DFL, PAAS and our 13+ municipal shelters share a closed group and that transparency is crucial to our successful partnership – now almost 4 years old!!! And 5,000+ dogs!!!

Late Friday, I received a message from someone I trust with Best Friends Animal Society. He referred me to one of his colleagues and soon, thanks to technology (and only one phone call) – we’d figured out a schedule so dogs from Houston – headed for Minnesota – can spend Monday night at PAAS.

For me, I’ve met 3 of the people involved - - Bob, Apryl and Trent. I trust each of them – it is reciprocated and we’re saving lives. Electronically I will get to know new people in rescue from Houston and, with collaboration (and trust) more dogs will benefit.

Transparent Trust is earned - - it isn’t always easy to acquire - - but it is priceless. Add Technology and you’re amazed at the good work that can happen - - at PAAS we’ve seen it in action and it is rewarding, humbling and life-saving.


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