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Why We Can’t Say “Yes”

Why We Can’t Say “Yes”

For northeast Oklahoma, there are no simple answers when someone has found a dumped dog or needs to rehome a dog.  And cats present an even larger challenge for two reasons. #1) There are thousands of unwanted cats and kittens roaming everywhere and most municipal shelters are set up to accept a few, if any.  If you talk to anyone in rescue, in this area, they will validate these statements. None of us have an emergency medical facility to treat injured pets and sick pets pose a huge challenge. If they have something that is easily transmitted, a shelter may suddenly face a complete shutdown.  

Municipal shelters have rules different from non-profit rescues.  And non-profit rescues set parameters. At the end of the day, key factors that are part of any decision start with $$$$.  It takes money to buy food, manage a facility, provide minimal veterinary care, hire staff … the list is extensive.

We all wish there was a fund that would cover the expenses required to help an injured sick dog or cat.  But there isn’t and no one in veterinary care or recue has unlimited resources. 

The best preventive is comprehensive spay/neuter for dogs and cats.  Those communities that have implemented programs that are funded for an extensive period of time to “fix” your pet can attest to the success.

For us, in northeast Oklahoma, we just want to fix ‘em so we don’t have to say “no” to unwanted litters.  The response “yes” is preferred, but it is not realistic for any of us in rescue.


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