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It is fascinating to watch people go the extra mile - - do whatever it takes to win.  

Here are my all time favorite examples - - most of them can be found on the internet.   

The movie  Invictus.  Against all odds, Nelson Mandela not only won the election but understood what needed to be done to get people and organizations who hated each other - - to come together - - and it was rugby!!!

Against all odds, in 1980, a bunch of  young hockey players came together to play for the USA.  My oldest son, Doug, and I watched it unfold on television - - a black and white one.  The Miracle on Ice truly gave many Americans hope…watch “Miracle on Ice”.  

Charlie Wilson’s War is based on the true story of Charlie Wilson and how he got countries who hated each other to come together and help the Afghans defeat the Russians.  

Recently, two people who wanted to help PAAS and were willing to competitively bid against each other.  It was fun to watch and there were no losers.

Never, ever, underestimate the value of a piece of pape.  The bidding competition was between two people, by phone, and they didn’t know each other.  There’s a documentary on youtube about bringing the Rules of Basketball back to the University of Kansas - - and the final price was in the millions.

Google Bottom Line Movie - - against impossible odds a young man discovers his potential.In rescue, we can do the impossible.  We have real life examples to follow.


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