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October 8 Grand Lake Golf Report

What is golf course management?

At the heart of the matter, golf course management is really about putting yourself in situations that play to your strengths, and avoiding situations that expose your weaknesses.

The importance of staying out of trouble is that you save yourself 2 strokes, the penalty and the one that got you there. 2 strokes you didn't need, and that is good course management. When one stroke will keep you out of trouble, it never hurts to make a bogey, instead of that triple with those 2 extra strokes

 Learn to lay up if you have to and don’t play pin-ball among the trees. Trying to shoot through a 2 foot gap in the woods can cause more than just 2 strokes, That little smack against the tree trunk can cost you another 2/3 strokes. It is better to take an unplayable and get a better position than stay in the woods for more strokes

.Before you play any shot, pick out where you want your ball to land. You may not make it every single time, but eventually you will hit your target more often than not.

Golf Quote

"Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golfers become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five."  John Updike

Cherokee Grove Monday Night League

Cherokee Grove Monday Night League..  Hit the ball at 5:15.  All are welcome.  You can stop by the Cherokee Grove Clubhouse to sign up.  Monday night skins winners were Terry Johnson(1 skin) and Jerry Ogden Jr. (3 skins). Closest to the pin winners were John Morrow on hole #8.   #2 CTP carriied over until next week.

Cherokee Grove Saturday and Sunday Skins.   9 a.m. start time.  Cheapest SKINS GAME you will find.

Wednesday Morning League for Senior men at Cherokee Grove.  Just stop by the Cherokee Grove club house.  This will be a Senior Men’s league for 60 and over playing 9 holes.  $20 fee includes cart fee and entry in $5 skins game.  (Members play for $10)  Tee off each Wednesday promptly at 8 a.m..  Do not miss out

Upcoming Tournaments.

Grove  Baseball Booster Club Golf Tournament

November 03 1:30 p.m.  at Patricia Island Country Club.  Lunch at Mulligan’s @ 12:00  Hole in One Prize TBD.  Phone (919)791-1521 Kevin Brown Grove Insurance Associates 1001 S. Main, Grove, OK 74344.  Cost $400 team signup $100 individual. 

Cherokee Grove Golf Club Ryder Cup Tourney

Jerry Ogden Sr. andJerry Ogden Jr. 1st Place A flight

Kerry Bass and John Morrow 1st place B flight

Jerry Madison & Kerry Bass winners of Spirit Award

Golf joke

Shortengolf jokes

James was playing a round of golf with the club pro one day and after 18 holes they went into the clubhouse.

James asked the pro: "What do you think of my game?"

The pro replied: "You should shorten your clubs by 1 inch."

James asked if the pro thought this would help his game.

To which the pro said: “No:  But It will help them fit in the trash can!" 

Grand Lake Golf Venues
-Cherokee Grove Golf Course (Grove) @ 918-786-4100+

-The Coves Golf Club (Duck Creek) @ 918-782-3220  

-Grand Cherokee Golf Course (Langley) @ 918-435-8727.

-Patricia Island Golf Club (Grove) @ 918-786-3338

-Peoria Ridge Golf Club (Miami) 918-542-7676

-Shangri-La Golf Club (Monkey Island) @ 918-257-4204

-Eagle Creek Golf Club (Joplin) @ 417-623-5050

-Elk River C.C. (Noel) @ 417-475-3208

  Kelly Custom Golf (Grove) @918-787-7640 

           Keep it in the Middle

           Mike Kelly


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