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February 15 Random Observations Of The Grand Lake Bum

We have another holiday behind us – Valentine’s Day is in the rearview mirror. All the guys who broke up with their girls last week to save money are back at the door this week, trying to make up. The week after Valentine’s Day is a favorite of mine – not for that reason, though. I like it because it’s one of the few times of the year you can get great bargain pricing on really good chocolate!


Believe it or not – both of the gigantic boat shows in our area are behind us, too. The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show ended February 7 and the Oklahoma Virtual Boat Show wrapped up Sunday. Astonishingly enough, I talked to a couple of boat-selling buddies and they said, show or not, they’re still willing to sell boats. It is an unbelievable year in the boat business, though. If you’re planning on a new boat this year, you should probably start looking while there’s still something to look at. Sea trials are still a bitch – but it’ll get a little bit warmer soon. Not only is inventory low…but most manufacturers are so backed up they’re telling dealers that specially ordered boats won’t be delivered until sometime next Fall. I’ve never seen the boat business like this. It certainly bodes well for Grand Lake’s economic future! But there won’t be another boat show for a long time. Oh, wait. It’s just two weeks until the Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show (March 4-6).


There’s eve a little bit of encouraging news on the Coronavirus front. The rate of new Covid-19 cases in Oklahoma is dropping a little. Hospitalizations are decreasing. The number of active cases is decreasing – and the number of people getting the vaccines is increasing dramatically. I think Mother Nature might have helped out with this trend a little. I saw a lot more people wearing masks everywhere over the past couple of weeks. When the temperatures are approaching single digits, folks seem a lot more willing to wear masks than when those temperatures are closer to triple digits!


In last week’s column, I was checking brain cells to see if anyone could remember back when there was a telephone number to call to see what time it was My pal George Sherman quickly responded. Believe it or not, there is STILL a Grand Lake number to call for time and temperature. You have to sit through a little devotional and a Bible verse, but it’s still there. If all the apps on your smart phone break and you still want to know the time and temperature, just call 918-786-3000. (And George really needs to get a life, BTW.)


You don’t think some civility could possibly return to the political world, do you? Remember when President Biden was giving orientation to his new staff? He said, “If you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.” Victim #1 is White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo, gone after 24 days on the job for “harassing and threatening a female reporter from Pollitico.” I’m good with that. As odd as it may sound coming from me, I’m ready for a little civility. I do still have a problem with “stupid” (which is why I don’t mind sharing the TJ Ducklo story with you).


If you think you know the stupidest person on earth, you are wrong – unless you happen to know State Senator Mike Shirkey, Majority Leader of the Michigan senate, and the highest ranking Republican in that state. Here’s his video-taped statement about the tragic riot at the U.S. Capitol January 6 which left four people, including a Capitol police officer, dead and dozens more seriously hurt: “That’s been a hoax from day one. It was all staged.” Someone get that guy out of office and off the streets before he makes another decision.


DINING AND DRINKING UPDATE: Tuesday night, Doc’s Bar & Grill celebrates Mardi Gras with a special “Fat Tuesday” dinner menu of Cajun delights. Monkey Islanders Kim and Kevin Brady will be the featured Guest Chefs Wednesday night at The Shebang. The Blind Swine is now open only Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Doc’s Bar & Grill features Prime Rib Thursday night and all-you-can-eat ribs Friday night. The Road Hog Saloon now offers breakfast service Wednesday-Sunday. Sunday Brunch is offered to the public at Doc’s Bar & Grill (9:00-2:00) and Mulligans at Patricia Island (10:00-2:00).


BEST EVENTS OF THE WEEK:  Thursday-Sunday, February 18-21 – The MidSouth Tackle, Hunting & Boat Show is at the Grove Civic Center this week, Thursday-Sunday. Saturday night is the annual Mardi Gras Party at Monkey Island Pub.


BEST WEEKEND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Thursday Night Karaoke with Jason Morgan kicks off the weekend at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La this week. Friday night, Scot Musick provides the live entertainment at Doc’s. If you miss him at Doc’s Friday, Scott Musick will be at Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill Saturday night.  The Faulconers will be on stage Saturday night at Road Hog Saloon; and there’s Saturday night karaoke during the big Mardi Gras party at Monkey Island Pub.

Indigo Sky Casino this week presents a T.J. Scarlett acoustic show in the Echo Bar Thursday night, followed by The Uncrowned Kings Friday and Thomas Martinez Saturday. At Downstream Casino’s Legends Sports Bar Mayday by Midnight will entertain both Friday and Saturday nights. At Cherokee Casino Grove’s 1897 Bar, Bobby DeGonia will be on stage Friday night. Morgan Squared entertains Saturday night.


RANDY KREHBIEL’S RANDOM FACTOID OF THE WEEK: No below-zero temperature has ever been recorded in Hawaii, but it has gotten as low as 8 degrees -- in 2019 on Mauna Kea.


FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: I’m pretty sure the person who decided to put the first R in February also decided how to spell Wednesday.


BEST FACEBOOK POST OF THE WEEK: I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again someday, and hear those magical words: “This is your Captain speaking.”


BEST SIGN SEEN THIS WEEK: Everything will kill you. Choose something you like.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: After this past week, I’d better not see one damn mosquito this year.


BEST PUN OF THE WEEK: Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory in France? There was nothing left but de Brie.


OBSERVATION OF THE WEEK: I’ll bet all those girls who ignored me in high school would still be pretty pleased with that decision.


FEEL-OLD MOMENTS OF THE WEEK: Oklahoma television icon B.J. Wexler, legendary host of OETA’s “Movie Club” for 30 years, died last week. He was 83. We also lost one of the most incredible jazz pianists in American history last week. Chick Corea was 79. Do you remember all the incredible songs superstar Carole King released on a single album? “It’s Too Late.” “So Far Away.” “I Feel the Earth Move.” “Natural Woman.” “You’ve Got a Friend.” All were included in the album “Tapestry” which was released 50 years ago.


GRAND LAKE BUM SHOUT-OUTS: Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Rich Talley, Trisha Wooderson, Greg Pitcher, Mark Ledom, Blake Keeton, Zach Roach, Larry Haney, Jim Wyche, Todd Gayer, Bob Howard, Bill Oden, Jim Ratcliff, Greg Hopeman, Ryan Stoner, “Ugly John” Mullen, Dave Kruse, Andi McConn, James Diver, Jennifer Megan, and Travis Davidson. Oh, yeah…and me!


UNANSWERED QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If God made man in his own image, why aren’t we all, like, invisible? (Father Guido Sarducci)


BUM MUST-SEE TV: The new mini-series The Widower makes its much-anticipated debut Thursday night at 9:00 on NBC. There are a couple of Sunday night treats for music fans -  Cher: Story of Her Songs airs Sunday night at 7:00 on Reelz, followed at 8:00 by a similar tribute to Celine Dion at 9:00.  Superman and Lois makes its debut next Tuesday night at 7:00 on CW.


BUM MUST-SEE MOVIES: There are some good new movie releases this week. Nomadland debuts in theaters and on Hulu this week. I Care a Lot is available on NETFLIX.  Burn It All is available in virtual theaters and Flora & Ulysses premieres on Disney+.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Think about how stupid the average person is, then realize half of ‘em are stupider than that.” – George Carlin


SAVE THE DATE: Friday, February 26 – Grand Opening of The Monkey Grind at Shangri-La’s Resort Hotel, an authorized purveyor of Starbucks coffees. Wednesday, March 3 – Home of Hope Chocolate Affair on Safari. Wednesday-Friday, March 3-5 – MLF College Fishing National Championship out of Wolf Creek Park. Friday, March 4-7 – Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show at the Grove Civic Center. March 5 – Quarterdeck Café at Tera Miranda reopens for 2021 season. Saturday, March 6 – Anglers In Action (Wolf Creek). Thursday-Friday, Saturday, March 13 – St. Patrick’s Day Comedy Show at Big Shots on Monkey Island. Friday-Sunday, March 19-21 – Big Meat Run at the offroad area below the Pensacola Dam in Disney. Saturday, March 20 – St. Patrick’s Day Party at Monkey Island Pub.  Saturday, April 3 – South Grand Chamber’s “Bootleggers’ Ball” at Shangri-La Resort.


SPORTS WATCH: The NBA regular season rolls on with the OKC Thunder hosting the Blazers at 7:00 Tuesday before heading to Memphis for a Wednesday night 8:00 o’clock tip-off. Then, it’s on to Milwaukee for a Friday night match-up (7:00) – then, on the road to Cleveland Sunday at 6:00. The very next night, the Thunder are back home hosting Miami for a big Monday night game at 8:00. Next Wednesday, the Spurs are back in town for a 7:00 p.m. tip-off. All games are on Fox Sports Oklahoma.

In college hoops, there are some great ones this week. OU hosts Texas Tuesday night at 8:00 (ESPN) before traveling to Ames to take on Iowa State Saturday at 5:00 (ESPN2). Next Tuesday, the Sooners are back home to host Kansas State at 8:00 (ESPN2).  

OSU has a rough week. They’re on the road at Waco to face Baylor Saturday at 3:00 (ESPN2) before hosting Texas Tech in Stillwater next Monday night at 8:00 (ESPN2).  

Kansas hosts Texas Tech Saturday at 1:00 (ESPN) before a home game with Texas next Tuesday at 8:00 (ESPN).

Tulsa hosts Temple Tuesday at 6:00 (ESPNU); then they’re off until next Wednesday when they host Cincinnati at 8:00 (ESPNU).  

PGA players are at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades this week for the Genesis Invitational. Live coverage airs on the Golf Channel beginning at 1:00 Thursday and Friday and noon Saturday and Sunday. CBS picks up coverage of the final two rounds at 2:00 Saturday and Sunday.

NASCAR drivers are still hanging around Daytona this week – but this time they’ll be on the road course for the O’Reilly Auto Parts 253 at Daytona. Coverage begins at 2:00 Sunday afternoon on Fox.


Weather for the weekend ahead looks chilly – but after what we’ve been through for the past week or so, it’s going to feel like a heat wave! Friday, we should finally have a temperature above freezing. The weekend forecast calls for sunshine, highs in the mid-40s and lows in the lower 30s. It’s still winter – but at least maybe we can get out of the house! Remember, though, wherever you party, be sure to buy a drink for the guy next to you. It could be me!


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Looking for places to go, things to do, services to use or property to buy in the Grand Lake area?  Here’s a starter kit listing of “open to the public” fun places to spend time at Grand Lake. 

Ailey’s Café in Langley

Artichoke Restaurant & Bar in Langley

Balcony Bar at The Shebang (Smoking – open Friday & Saturday nights)

Big Shots on Monkey Island (Open Friday & Saturday nights)

Blind Swine on Monkey Island

Blue Bluff Café at Blue Bluff Harbor

Buffalo Bar at Shangri-La on Monkey Island

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami (smoking)

Café at Har-Ber Village

Café Yum in Grove

Cesar’s Place in Vinita

Cesar’s Place in Langley

Checkered Past in Grove

Chickanella’s in Grove

Chicken Coop West of Langley

Clanton’s Café in Vinita

Copper Penny Bar in Ketchum

Coppers Tea & Coffee House in Grove

Cosby’s Catfish on Highway 28 in Eucha (East of Disney)

Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort Hotel

Docks Bar at Harbors View Marina

Domino’s in Grove

Downstream Casino in Quapaw (smoking)

Drake’s on the Lake at Blue Bluff Harbor

Drake’s Restaurant in Grove

Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina (smoking)

Gabby’s Place in downtown Grove

Goodfella’s Pizza (Cleora and Grove)

Grand Lake Casino, north of Grove on Highway 10 (smoking)

Grand Lake Public House in Grove

Hatfield’s Saloon in Grove

High Winds Casino east of Miami (smoking)

Honey Creek BBQ in Grove (south of Honey Creek bridge)

Indigo Sky Casino west of Seneca, Mo. (smoking)

Juan Montez Restaurant & Cantina at Red Arrow Marina

La Casita de Martin in downtown Grove

Lester’s Third Street Diner in Grove

Lighthouse Supper Club in Ketchum

Los Garcias in Langley

Lupe's Mexican Restaurant in Grove

Marina’s Place at Littlefield Corner

Matt’s Place in Grove

Monkey Island Pub (Smoking)

Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney (smoking, etc.)

Monkey Island Trail Rides

Monkey Island Winery

Mulligan’s at Patricia Island Golf Club in Grove

Nu Taste Restaurant in Grove

Pappy’s Bar on Hwy 10 east of Grove

Pickles at the Lake in Langley

Pit Stop Café in Grove

Quarterdeck Cafe at Tera Miranda Harbor (smoking on the deck)

Raggedy’s in Grove

Rancho Viejo in Grove

Riggs & Company in Langley

River Bend Casino in Wyandotte (smoking)

Road Hog Saloon at the entrance to Monkey Island (smoking...but not at lunch)

Rusty Anchor (next to the cliffs at Dripping Springs)

Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina (smoking)

Stuffn’s Restaurant in Ketchum (Smoking on patio)

Summit Restaurant at Shangri-La on Monkey Island

The Grill at Indian Hills Resort & Marina in Bernice

The Landings Market and Grill on Monkey Island (smoking on the patio)

The Parrot at Honey Creek Landing in Grove (Smoking on the patio)

The Pourhouse at The Regatta in Grove

The Stables Casino in Miami (smoking)

The Shebang on Monkey Island (smoking on patio and Balcony Bar)

Ugly’s Grill & Bar, Thunder Bay Marina (smoking)

VIP Pizza at Hammerhead Marina (smoking on deck)

Water Side Bar & Grill in Grove

Waterway Café, Harbors View Marina (smoking on breakwater dining deck)

Wolf Creek Diner in Grove


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