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June 29 Random Observations Of The Grand Lake Bum

I can’t believe we’re already at the 4th of July holiday weekend. It seems like Memorial Day was just last week. It’s another holiday, though – and you know what that means. The official Grand Lake Bum Holiday Behavior Rules are in place. No fighting, no puking, no hitting on someone else’s date, no griping at over-worked servers and bartenders, no bragging about how much money you have (or your parents have), no drunk driving, no public nudity (private nudity is okay), no yelling, no discussion of religion - and especially no politics!  As with all holiday weekends, you may have a little longer wait for a seat, a drink, or some food. Be nice to everyone who is working so you can play. The population of Grand Lake over the next few days will be equal to the population of the state’s third largest city. If everybody who’s coming to the lake over the holiday weekend would come every weekend, all the businesses could staff up for those giant crowds. So, maybe you should buy a house and a boat while you’re here and come join us for the party all year! If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past four months, it’s that a lot of us can work from home just fine. It might as well be a Grand Lake home! You’d be surprised how many people have decided to do exactly that.


Congratulations to the crew at Grand Merdian RV Resort and everyone involved in putting together an incredible Grand Jam Music Festival last weekend. What a fantastic way to kick off a holiday week in Grand style. Nicely done!


The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled last week that a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana use could be voted on by Oklahomans as soon as supporters of the idea gather 180,000 petition signatures. Backers, however, said the COVID-19 crisis will likely keep them from gathering that many signatures this year, so the issue probably will not be on the November 2020 ballot. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they could probably gather that many signatures at Grand Lake this weekend! Judging from traffic at medical marijuana dispensaries in the area, they could probably get 180,000 signatures by hanging out there!


Just a suggestion – but I would recommend somebody on the platform committee of the Republican National Committee give their platform a little run-through before their convention. So far, all they have done is adopt the exact platform they had in 2016. They probably haven’t changed on many issues…but they probably would be smart to take out the language attacking the “current administration.” The platform document criticizes the “current president” and “current administration” on more than three dozen occasions—attacks that likely read whole a lot better for the Republican Party when Obama was in the Oval Office instead of Trump.


Tuesday is election day (June 30). Be sure to make your voice heard. Vote for whatever candidate you like…but please vote YES on SQ 802 (Medicaid expansion). It’s really important to the survival of our rural area hospitals.


GRAND LAKE HOLIDAY DRIVING TIP: If there are several cars behind you, but none in front of you – you’re the problem.


DINING AND DRINKING UPDATE: In addition to their regular Friday-Sunday schedule, Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina will be open Thursday from 4:00-close this week. The same is true of Big Shots Rhythm & Booze. They will be open Thursday night in addition to their Friday-Saturday regular schedules. The Balcony Bar at The Shebang will be up & running Sunday night, in addition to their normal Friday-Saturday karaoke schedule, as well. Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina is only open during VIP Pizza hours as an extension of the restaurant (open until 10:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 8:00 p.m. Sunday). Doc’s at Shangri-La offers curbside pickup of pizza, wine and beer, but is not yet open for dine-in service until later this month. FYI, The Landings Restaurant and Morrow’s Bar & Grill have no plans for opening this season.


PUBLIC EVENT CANCELLATION NOTICE: Aquapalooza, originally scheduled for July 18, has been canceled for 2020. The Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament has been postponed until Friday, September 18.


BEST EVENTS OF THE WEEK: The Thursday Night Shrimp Boil & Karaoke at Doc’s Patio at Shangri-La Resort kicks off the holiday weekend fun at 5:00. Thursday is also the “Yellow Rabbit Run” Alternate Shot Horse Race at Shangri-La Golf Club and both the Wyandotte Fireworks and Commerce Fireworks. Friday night, enjoy either the Red, White & Glow Party (beginning at 6:00) at Wolf Creek Park followed by Wolf Creek Fireworks, Horse Creek Fireworks,  or Monkey Island Fireworks & Warbirds Flyover at Shangri-La. Saturday night is the night for the Duck Creek Fireworks & Air Show as well as fireworks displays in Miami, Jay, and Spavinaw.

Cajun Fest is 10:00-4:00 Saturday, July 4 at the Grove Civic Center


BEST WEEKEND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Erin Fitzgibbon entertains Wednesday nights for “Biker Night” at Blind Swine. KJ Flip leads the Thursday night karaoke fun at the Swine, followed by Diversity Friday night and DJ Kennedy Saturday night. Jason Morgan starts the weekend with karaoke fun at the Thursday Night Shrimp Boil & Karaoke on the patio at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort.  5th Element performs live at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Friday night, followed by Western Justice Saturday night. Big Shots will feature DJ K Bandito Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Karaoke with Kerry on the Balcony Bar at The Shebang Friday, Saturday & Sunday. There’s also great Karaoke with Tim at Monkey Island Pub both Friday and Saturday nights.

In Grove, Members Only provides the musical entertainment for the fireworks pre-show at Wolf Creek Park.

Saturday’s Cajun Fest at the Grove Civic Center (10-4) features Doug Kershaw, Chris Miller & the Bayou Roots, Clint Walker and Jana Jae.

Live entertainment returns to Indigo Sky Casino this week. Brett & Terri kick off the weekend Thursday night, followed by Brent Giddens Friday and the Stonehorse Duo Saturday.


RANDY KREHBIEL’S RANDOM FACTOID OF THE WEEK: By weight, ketchup contains more sugar than Coca-Cola.


BEST FACEBOOK POST OF THE WEEK: I think it’s weird that county fairs are being cancelled. Don’t get me wrong…I think it’s a good idea; but I just figured that anyone who isn’t afraid to hop on a 60 year-old rusty roller coaster that gets disassembled and reassembled 22 times a year by a traveling meth-head with an Allen wrench, while eating a deep-fried stick of butter, wouldn’t give a damn about Covid.


BEST SIGN SEEN THIS WEEK: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: You know what’s really uncomfortable? A bra. But I still wear one in public. Not for me, for others.  


BEST PUN OF THE WEEK: You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or after while. (Thanks to Jared Jeffers for sharing this one.)


OBSERVATION OF THE WEEK: I don’t think anyone thought when we changed the clocks earlier this year that we would go from Standard Time to the Twilight Zone.


FEEL OLD MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Actor Clint Eastwood turned 90 years old last month. Still making movies.  


GRAND LAKE BUM SHOUT-OUTS: Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Janet Sheeler, Alana Williams, Bob Beine, Dick Seybolt, Alyson Aberle, Velma Mullen, Bo Smith, Virginia Gibson, David Hitzeman, Stephanie Young, Judy Phillips, Rod Wadel, Patsy Williams, Arlita Raby, and Jack Doney.


UNANSWERED QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How do you know if honesty is the best policy unless you’ve tried some of the others.


BUM MUST-SEE TV: The first season of The Baby-Sitters Club will be available Friday on NETFLIX. A Capital Fourth airs live Saturday night at 7:00 on PBS. The mini-series Outcry premieres Sunday night at 9:00 on Showtime.


BUM MUST-SEE MOVIES: Hamilton will be available this weekend on Disney+. Desperadoes will be available Friday on NETFLIX, and The Outpost will be released for streaming and rental this weekend.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Some people think you become great on the big stage under the bright lights. The light only reveals the work you did in the dark.”


SAVE THE DATE: Friday, July 10 – Shangri-La Resort monthly Sunset Cruise. Saturday, July 11 – Shangri-La Marina Slip Renters Appreciation Luau. Friday, July 17 – Xtreme Fight Night #368 at Buffalo Run Casino. Saturday, September 5 – Redneck Raft-Out & Concert at Check-In Bay


SPORTS WATCH: The PGA Tour moves to Detroit this weekend for the rescheduled Rocket Mortgage Classic. Coverage will be on the Golf Channel at 2:00 Thursday & Friday afternoons and noon Saturday & Sunday. CBS will pick up the final two rounds Saturday & Sunday at 2:00.

NASCAR drivers will be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend for the Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400. Coverage starts at 3:00 Sunday afternoon on NBC.


The Independence Day holiday weather ahead looks fabulous. We’ll have highs in the low-to-mid 90s and lows around 70. It should be a fabulous holiday weekend!  Be patient, have fun, and wherever you party this weekend, be sure to buy a drink for the guy next to you. It could be me!


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Looking for places to go, things to do, services to use or property to buy in the Grand Lake area?  Here’s a starter kit listing of “open to the public” fun places to spend time at Grand Lake.

1909 in Downtown Grove

Ailey’s Café in Langley

Aquabar & Grill at The Landings Marina on Monkey Island (smoking on the deck)

Artichoke Restaurant & Bar in Langley

Balcony Bar at The Shebang (Smoking – open Friday & Saturday nights)

Big Shots on Monkey Island (Open Friday & Saturday nights)

Blind Swine on Monkey Island

Blue Bluff Café at Blue Bluff Harbor

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami (smoking)

Café Italia on Monkey Island

Café Yum in Grove

Carlos Montez in Langley (smoking in bar)

Ceasar’s Place in Vinita and at Littlefield Corner

Checkered Past in Grove

Chickanella’s in Grove

Chicken Coop West of Langley

Clanton’s Café in Vinita

Coppers Tea & Coffee House in Grove

Cosby’s Catfish on Highway 28 in Eucha (East of Disney)

Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort Hotel

Docks Bar at Harbors View Marina

Domino’s in Grove

Downstream Casino in Quapaw (smoking)

Drake’s on the Lake at Blue Bluff Harbor

Drake’s Restaurant in Grove

Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina (smoking)

Gabby’s Place in downtown Grove

Goodfella’s Pizza (Cleora and Grove)

Grand Lake Casino, north of Grove on Highway 10 (smoking)

Grand Lake Public House in Grove

Hatfield’s Saloon in Grove

Henrie’s Grill in Grove

High Winds Casino east of Miami (smoking)

Honey Creek BBQ in Grove (south of Honey Creek bridge)

Indigo Sky Casino west of Seneca, Mo. (smoking)

Juan Montez Restaurant & Cantina at Red Arrow Marina

La Casita de Martin in downtown Grove

Lighthouse Supper Club in Ketchum

Los Garcias in Langley

Lupe's Mexican Restaurant in Grove

Matt’s Place in Grove

Monkey Island Pub (Smoking)

Monkey’s Uncle at Littlefield Corner (Breakfast & lunch)

Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney (smoking, etc.)

Morrow’s Bar & Grill at Morrow’s Landing

Mulligan’s at Patricia Island Golf Club in Grove

Nu Taste Restaurant in Grove

Pappy’s Bar on Hwy 10 east of Grove

Pickles at the Lake in Langley

Pit Stop Café in Grove

Quarterdeck Cafe at Tera Miranda Harbor (smoking on the deck)

Raggedy’s in Grove

Rancho Viejo in Grove

Riggs & Company in Langley

River Bend Casino in Wyandotte (smoking)

Road Hog Saloon at the entrance to Monkey Island (smoking...but not at lunch)

Rusty Anchor (next to the cliffs at Dripping Springs)

Scooters in Langley (smoking)

Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina (smoking)

Sticky Fingers Barbecue in Ketchum

Stuffn’s Restaurant in Ketchum (Smoking on patio)

The Grill at Indian Hills Resort & Marina in Bernice

The Landings Marina (smoking on the deck)

The Landings Market and Grill on Monkey Island (smoking on the patio)

The Parrot at Honey Creek Landing in Grove (Smoking on the patio)

The Stables Casino in Miami (smoking)

The Shebang on Monkey Island (smoking on patio and Balcony Bar)

Ugly’s Grill & Bar, Thunder Bay Marina (smoking)

VIP Pizza at Hammerhead Marina (smoking on deck)

Water Side Bar & Grill in Grove

Waterway Café, Harbors View Marina (smoking on breakwater dining deck)

Wolf Creek Diner in Grove


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