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November 4 Random Observations of The Grand Lake Bum

Brush up on your legal and illegal activities. A total of 324 new laws took effect in Oklahoma last Friday. The new laws include one that allows you to drive 80 mph on non-metro turnpikes and another that allows everybody to carry a gun with no training and no permit. What could possibly go wrong?


The law allowing everybody to “open carry” a gun with no permit or training was the first law signed by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. The legislature passed the law overwhelmingly. Ironically, they voted not to allow guns in government buildings. The new law doesn’t impact me, because you can’t carry one in a bar, either. So…if you want to be safe in the new wild west, either hang out in a government office or a bar. Pretty easy choice for me.


The big dogs at the NCAA have finally been forced by several state legislatures to face reality. They voted last week to begin putting rules in place to allow college athletes to be paid for use of the “name, image and likeness.” So…that takes care of the superstars. What about the other 99% of student athletes? Maybe they can get loans from the famous teammates.


Somebody posted a picture on Facebook of the new Names & Numbers telephone book. Glad I ran across that. I had no idea telephone books were still a thing.


Speaking of Facebook…all the social media around South Grand Lake lit up like a Christmas tree when Cherokee & Arrowhead Yacht Clubs announced they were shortening the Christmas Lights Boat Parade route for the safety of captains & crews. There was an instant onslaught of complaints from people who were upset that the route would no longer pass their house. I couldn’t believe it. You would’ve thought they were paying for it! The boat parade is, after all, a CYC/Arrowhead event. (Note to those folks: the Ketchum, Vinita, Miami, and Grove parades aren’t coming past your house, either.)


State Representative Harold Wright (R-Weatherford) is conducting an interim study aimed at prohibiting smoking in the last remaining place we smokers can indulge – bars. There used to be smokers everywhere and no place for people to escape. Now, there are escapees everywhere and no place for people to smoke.  Someone should invent tobacco edibles.


GRAND LAKE DINING & DRINKING UPDATE: Mark McDowell is the guest chef at The Shebang Wednesday evening, November 5. Shangri-La Resort’s Summit Restaurant is now open to the public on Sunday & Monday evenings throughout the winter. Friday & Saturday evenings are reserved for members and registered hotel guests. Terry Jordan will entertain on Saturday & Sunday evenings now through March, 2020.


RANDY KREHBIEL’S RANDOM FACTOID OF THE WEEK: Sewing machine magnate Isaac Singer had at least 20 children with several different women, most of whom he did not marry.


BEST FACEBOOK POST OF THE WEEK: I see people around my age mountain climbing. I feel good getting my leg through my underwear without losing my balance. 


BEST SIGN SEEN THIS WEEK (in front of a Mexican restaurant): Mexican food so authentic Trump will want to build a wall around it.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: We will continue having meetings until we figure out why no work is getting done.


OBSERVATION OF THE WEEK: Think about it. Every corpse on Mt. Everest was once a highly motivated person. Stay lazy, my friends.


BEST PUN OF THE WEEK: I’ve never been good a geography, but at least I can name one city in France, which is Nice. 5


FEEL-OLD MOMENTS OF THE WEEK: Iconic rock superstar Grace Slick, the powerful lead singer for Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, turned 80 years old last week. If that’s not tough enough for you to take…the television show Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary. 


BEST LINE OF THE WEEK: Summer is over. It’s raining, it’s dark, and I’m cold. I hope you’re happy, you pumpkin spice loving psychos!


GRAND LAKE BUM SHOUT-OUTS: Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Cindi Lillard, Dave Vloedman, Sandy Dittrich, Bud Hawkes, Abby Moser, Candy Couch, Deidre Sparkman, Shaleen Wheeler, Mitch Lindley, Chad Dalton, Joel Smith, Jot Hartley, Lisa Ledom, Greg Feldman, Josh Livingston, Maddy Cook, Christie Livingston, Tyler Graham, Tom Quillin, Dave Jones, Walli Daniel, Rusty Rowton, and Jeremy Riggs.


UNANSWERED QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why does cooking take like 4 hours, eating takes like 3 seconds, and clean-up like 7 days and 7 nights?


BEST EVENTS OF THE WEEK: Thursday Night Karaoke & Shrimp Boil is at Doc’s at Shangri-La Resort (6:00-9:00). The Grove Merchants Christmas Open House runs Thursday-Saturday this week. Sunday afternoon at 2:00 is the Thanksgiving Potluck at Juan Montez at Red Arrow Marina; and every Tuesday evening from 6:00-9:00 is Tuesday Trivia, Tacos & Tequila at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La.


GRAND LAKE WEEKEND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: There’s great entertainment around the lake again this weekend. On Monkey Island, Jason Morgan will kick off the weekend at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Thursday at 6:00 with DJ and karaoke fun combined with the weekly Thursday night Shrimp Boil. Saturday and Sunday nights, Terry Jordan will entertain at Shangri-La’s Summit Restaurant. There’s great dance music Saturday night at Big Shots Rhythm & Booze. At the Blind Swine, Erin Fitzgibbon will be on stage Friday night, and Sunday nights are Open Jam Sessions for musicians at the Swine. Thursday nights, KJ Flip hosts the DJ and karaoke fun. Monkey Island Pub also has great dance music every Friday & Saturday night. At Littlefield Corner, there’s great live music every weekend at the Road Hog Saloon. Every Tuesday night, Jason Morgan entertains at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La with “Trivia, Tacos & Tequila Tuesdays” from 6:00-9:00.

If outstanding live theater is more your style, head for Playmakers in Grove. This is the last weekend to catch a performance of Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. The last performances are Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30.

Area casinos have big entertainment plans, too. Cherokee Casino Grove features the music of 80 and Out Friday night, followed by FM Live Saturday.  At Bordertown Casino’s Lost Creek Saloon, you are the star at Thursday night karaoke, and Jason Boyd will perform Friday night, followed by Thomas Martinez at Bordertown Saturday.  Grand Lake Casino’s Venue 655 features live music every Friday night and karaoke fun Saturday night. At River Bend Casino, Dr. Funk and the Soul Vaccinations perform Friday night in the Club 60 West Bar. At Buffalo Run Casino’s Trailer Park Bar & Grill there is live DJ action every Friday & Saturday night at 10:00. Downstream Casino’s Legends Sports Bar features live music Friday & Saturday nights, as does Downstream’s Lover’s Leap Lounge. Brett & Terri will entertain Thursday night at Indigo Sky Casino’s Echo Bar followed by Aces Wild both Friday and Saturday nights.

The best spots to catch all your favorite sports action including College Football, NFL football, and NASCAR are Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort, the Standing Room Only Bar at The Shebang, Blind Swine, Road Hog Saloon, 1909 in Grove, Pickles at the Lake in Langley, and Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney.


BUM MUST-SEE TV: The new animated series Green Eggs & Ham is available this week on NETFLIX. Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration airs Saturday night at 6:00 on HBO. The 53rd Annual CMA Awards with host Carrie Underwood air next Wednesday night at 7:00 on ABC.  


BUM MUST-SEE MOVIES: Primal, Midway, and Playing with Fire


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” – Groucho Marx


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, November 16 – Festivus Shopping Party at Shangri-La Golf Club. Saturday, November 16 – Monkey Island Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner at Monkey Island Pub. Saturday, November 23 – Chili Cook-off at Blind Swine benefiting the Monkey Island Trail (1:00 p.m.). Thursday, November 28 - Thanksgiving dinner at Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort. Thursday, December 5 – Vinita Christmas Parade (7:00). Saturday, December 7 – Miami Country Christmas Parade (6:00). Sunday, December 8 – Christmas Potluck at Juan Montez at Red Arrow Marina (2:00). Saturday, December 14 – Christmas Gala at Shangri-La Resort. Saturday, December 14 – “Lights on the Lake Christmas Parade” in Grove (5:30).  Saturday, December 14 – Polar Plunge at Arrowhead Yacht Club. Saturday, December 14 – “A Big Band Christmas” with the Tulsa Praise Orchestra & Choir at the Coleman Theater in Miami (7:00). Saturday, December 14 – Christmas Lights Boat Parade from Cherokee Yacht Club. Sunday, December 15 – Christmas Brunch with Santa at the Summit Restaurant at Shangri-La.


It’s week #11 of the college football season – and OSU does not play this weekend. Tulsa kicks off the weekend Friday night hosting UCF at 6:00 on ESPN2. OU hosts Iowa State Saturday night at 7:00 on Fox. There are a couple of great games earlier in the day Saturday, though. Penn State is at Minnesota at 11:00 (ABC) and the big match-up featuring LSU at Alabama is at 2:30 Saturday afternoon on CBS. Somebody has to lose!

NFL action moves into week #10 with Oakland hosting the L.A. Chargers Thursday night at 7:00 on Fox. Sunday games include Arizona at Tampa Bay (Fox) and Kansas City at Tennessee (CBS), both at noon. At 3:30, Carolina is at Green Bay (Fox); and the Sunday night game features Minnesota at Dallas (NBC). Monday Night Football sends Seattle to San Francisco. (7:00 on ESPN).

The NBA schedule has the OKC Thunder in San Antonio to face the Spurs Thursday night at 7:30 before returning home for back-to-back home games – Saturday at 7:00 hosting Golden State and Sunday at 6:00 vs. Milwaukee. They’re back on the road at Indiana Tuesday night at 6:00. All games are on Fox Sports Oklahoma.

NASCAR drivers are in Phoenix this week. Coverage of the Bluegreen Vacations 500 begins at 1:30 Sunday afternoon on NBC.

PGA Players are taking a little time off this week. They’ll be in Playa del Carmen November 14 for the Mayakoba Championship.


The weekend weather ahead looks pretty nice. Highs will be in the mid-to-upper 50s with lows in the mid-to-upper 30s. And SUNSHINE! Get out and have a fabulous time both on the lake, on the golf course, and at your favorite club, restaurant, or party.  Remember, though… wherever you decide to party, be sure to buy a drink for the guy next to you. It could be me.


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Looking for places to go, things to do, services to use or property to buy in the Grand Lake area?  Here’s a starter kit listing of “open to the public” fun places to spend time at Grand Lake. 

1909 in Downtown Grove

Ailey’s Café in Langley

American Grill in Grove

Aquabar & Grill at The Landings Marina on Monkey Island (smoking on the deck)

Artichoke Restaurant & Bar in Langley

Balcony Bar at The Shebang (Smoking – open Friday & Saturday nights)

Big Shots on Monkey Island (Open Friday & Saturday nights)

Blind Swine on Monkey Island

Blue Bluff Café at Blue Bluff Harbor

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami (smoking)

Café Italia on Monkey Island

Café Yum in Grove

Carlos Montez in Langley (smoking in bar)

Ceasar’s Place in Vinita and at Littlefield Corner

Checkered Past in Grove

Chickanella’s in Grove

Chicken Coop West of Langley

Clanton’s Café in Vinita

Coppers Tea & Coffee House in Grove

Cosby’s Catfish on Highway 28 in Eucha (East of Disney)

Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort Hotel

Docks Bar at Harbors View Marina

Domino’s in Grove

Downstream Casino in Quapaw (smoking)

Drake’s on the Lake at Blue Bluff Harbor

Drake’s Restaurant in Grove

Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina (smoking)

Gabby’s Place in downtown Grove

Goodfella’s Pizza (Cleora and Grove)

Grand Lake Casino, north of Grove on Highway 10 (smoking)

Grand Lake Public House in Grove

Hatfield’s Saloon in Grove

Henrie’s Grill in Grove

High Winds Casino east of Miami (smoking)

Honey Creek BBQ in Grove (south of Honey Creek bridge)

Indigo Sky Casino west of Seneca, Mo. (smoking)

Juan Montez Restaurant & Cantina at Red Arrow Marina

La Casita de Martin in downtown Grove

Lighthouse Supper Club in Ketchum

Los Garcias in Langley

Lupe's Mexican Restaurant in Grove

Monkey Island Pub (Smoking)

Monkey’s Uncle at Littlefield Corner (Breakfast & lunch)

Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney (smoking, etc.)

Morrow’s Bar & Grill at Morrow’s Landing

Mulligan’s at Patricia Island Golf Club in Grove

Nu Taste Restaurant in Grove

Pappy’s Bar on Hwy 10 east of Grove

Pickles at the Lake in Langley

Pit Stop Café in Grove

Quarterdeck Cafe at Tera Miranda Harbor (smoking on the deck)

Raggedy’s in Grove

Rancho Viejo in Grove

Riggs & Company in Langley

River Bend Casino in Wyandotte (smoking)

Road Hog Saloon at the entrance to Monkey Island (smoking...but not at lunch)

Rusty Anchor (next to the cliffs at Dripping Springs)

Scooters in Langley (smoking)

Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina (smoking)

Sticky Fingers Barbecue in Ketchum

Stuffn’s Restaurant in Ketchum (Smoking on patio)

The Grill at Indian Hills Resort & Marina in Bernice

The Landings Marina (smoking on the deck)

The Landings Market and Grill on Monkey Island (smoking on the patio)

The Parrot at Honey Creek Landing in Grove (Smoking on the patio)

The Stables Casino in Miami (smoking)

The Shebang on Monkey Island (smoking on patio and Balcony Bar)

Ugly’s Grill & Bar, Thunder Bay Marina (smoking)

VIP Pizza at Hammerhead Marina (smoking on deck)

Water Side Bar & Grill in Grove

Waterway Café, Harbors View Marina (smoking on breakwater dining deck)

Wolf Creek Diner in Grove


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