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Random Observations of The Grand Lake Bum July 1

Here we are in the midst of the busiest week of the year at Grand Lake. The population of the lake this weekend will equal the population of Oklahoma’s third largest city! I know we have a lot of folks coming in for the weekend who may not be familiar with my official Grand Lake Bum Holiday Rules of Behavior, so here they are again: No fighting, no puking, no hitting on someone else’s date, no griping at overworked servers and bartenders, no bragging about how much money you have (or your parents have), no drunk driving, no public nudity (private nudity is okay), no yelling, no discussion of religion - and especially no politics! 

As with all holiday weekends, you may have a little longer wait for a seat, a drink, or some food. Be nice to everyone who is working so you can play. Everyone is always understaffed for the influx of holiday weekend visitors. If everybody who’s coming to the lake over the holiday weekend would come every weekend, all the businesses could staff up for those giant crowds. If I get my drink before you do, it’s because I’m there every day all year long. Bartenders already know what I want – and they know I’ll be sitting on the same stool in December. So, maybe you should buy a house and a boat while you’re here and come join us for the party all year!


I don’t have pets. Over the last week, I was reminded why! I weakened and agreed to take care of a friend’s dog while they enjoyed a Florida beach. Caring for a pet is even more work than I remembered! By the way, if you think dogs can’t count, try this: put three dog biscuits in your pocket, and then give the dog only two of them.


You have to be careful about reading signs these days. English is a confusing language – and it can be really embarrassing if you don’t pay close attention. All my pals know I love Mexican food – so I was really excited to learn some new recipes when I saw a sign advertising “salsa lessons.” When I showed up, it was nothing but a bunch of people dancing!


There’s another new group I’m pretty sure I did NOT misunderstand – and I have several friends I’m urging to join. It’s a new support group for people who talk too much. It’s called “on and On Anon.”


Why do creditors want me to prove I am really me before they let me pay my bills over the phone? Do strangers call to pay my bills? And if they do, why don’t they let them?


GRAND LAKE BUM SHOUT-OUTS: Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Grand Lakers Dick Seybolt, Alyson Aberle, Velma Mullen, Jimbo Coleman, Virginia Gibson, C.E. Dinsmore, Patsy Williams, Stephanie Young, Jack Doney, Rod Wadel, Elaine Stansfield, Sheri Stoner, Kyle Mecklenburg, Curtis Daftari, Terry Jones, Sonya DeArmond, Kerry Kimmons, Scott Verplank, and Kelly Whitehead. Thursday is, of course, America’s birthday – and the late great Grand Laker Toby Keith would have turned 63 Monday, July 8.


BEST GRAND LAKE EVENTS THIS WEEK: This week’s events revolve largely around the Independence Day celebration.  The first fireworks of the week are Tuesday night at the Craig County Fairgrounds in Vinita. Wednesday is the July 3rd Celebration at Wolf Creek Park in Grove (6:00 p.m.) including a great fireworks show. There is a Food Truck Round-up at Marina Del Rey Resort running Wednesday-Saturday. Thursday night, the 4th of July is the Duck Creek Air Show & Fireworks Show. On Monkey Island, there is a 4th of July Shrimp Boil at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar (6:00 p.m.) with live music and a “Tap Takeover” by Kona Brewing. The Miami Fireworks are also Thursday night. Friday is a huge day at Shangri-La. There’s Lawn-a-Thon inflatable fun for the kids all afternoon and evening, a Big Dog Daddy Alternate Shot Horse Race benefiting Toby Keith Foundation’s Kids’ Korral (4:00 p.m.), a Family Fun & Food Festival on the resort’s Grand Lawn at the hotel, and the Monkey Island Fireworks at dusk. The Grand Lake Fireworks at Disney are also Friday night, as well as Fireworks at Blue Bluff Harbor. The “First Friday Wine Share” in Grove this month is Friday night at White Buffalo Lodge. Saturday is the always-fun Dock Shots competition at Shangri-La Golf Club (5:00) and Saturday evening is Mountain Mama’s Grand American Concert in Tia Juana (6:00-9:00 p.m.). Saturday night fireworks displays include Gran Tara Fireworks and Horse Creek Fireworks near the Unfinished Bridge. Next week is a great tune-up training opportunity for serious young golfers. Shangri-La’s Junior Skills Camp is next Monday-Wednesday.


RANDY KREHBIEL’S RANDOM FACTOID OF THE WEEK: In 1878, with the financial support of Leland Stanford and possibly to settle one of Stanford's bets, photographer Eadweard Muybridge devised a method of sequential photography that created "moving pictures" of a galloping horse.


FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: The Summit of Mt. Everest is made of marine limestone, which means the highest point on earth was once at the bottom of the sea.


ODD FACT OF THE WEEK: Scottie Scheffler is the first golfer to win six PGA Tournaments before July since Arnold Palmer did it 62 years ago.


HISTORIC FACTS OF THE WEEK: The Pledge of Allegiance was adopted in 1923. The Star Spangled Banner was adopted in 1929. “Under God” was added to The Pledge in 1954. “In God We Trust” was added to our money in 1956.


BEST FACEBOOK POST OF THE WEEK: Sometimes getting unfriended on Facebook is magical…really! It’s like the trash took itself out.


BEST SIGN SEEN THIS WEEK: During the heat wave, please dress for the body you have, not the body you want.


BEST TWEET OF THE WEEK: I got really bored last night and started looking at Facebook friends’ profiles. Two of you have the same girlfriend.


PUN OF THE WEEK: I accidentally rubbed ketchup in my eyes. Now, I have Heinzsight.


UNANSWERED QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Does refusing to go to the gym count as resistance training?


OBSERVATION OF THE WEEK: Don’t let anyone ruin your day. It’s your day. Ruin it yourself!


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.” – Ray Wylie Hubbard


FEEL-OLD MOMENT OF THE WEEK: One way to find out if you’re old is to fall down in front of a lot of people. If they laugh, you’re still young. If they panic and start running to you, you’re old.


BEST WEEKEND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: On Monkey Island, Western Justice kicks off the weekend Thursday night at the Shrimp Boil at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La and DJ Kennedy hosts Rockstar Karaoke at Island Bar & Grill at The Landings. Friday night, Mark Gibson entertains live at Doc’s, DJ Max will be on the Grand Lawn at Shangri-La Resort Hotel for the Family Fun Festival & Fireworks Show while DJ Brock entertains at Eddy’s. There is karaoke fun on The Balcony Bar at The Shebang Friday & Saturday nights. Saturday night, Kevin Price & The Closers headline the weekend musical fun at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar (8:00-11:00). Wednesday night is “Cocktails & Karaoke” night at Blind Swine and Thursday night is DJ Night at the Swine Monkey Island location. Jesse Joice will be on stage Friday night at The Swine, followed by Risky Business Saturday. Big Shots Rhythm & Booze will be open Wednesday night this week with live music from Robbi Bell followed by more musical fun with DJ Kennedy. Thursday night is Karaoke night with DJ K-Bandito. Friday & Saturday night are Dance Parties with DJ K-Bandito. Saturday night, there will also be a special performance by Mike Dadon Featuring Mufgang.

On South Grand, the Drunken Rooster has live music by The Stars both Thursday and Friday nights this week, and DJ Oreo entertains Saturday night. Dustin Pittsley and Ayngel will be on stage Friday night at Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney followed by The Hydramatics Saturday night. Blind Swine on Duck Creek will feature music from Dustin Chadwell Friday night and Rockwell Saturday. The weekend starts Wednesday this week at Sharky’s Bar at Hammerhead Marina with Matt Lippy headlining the Wednesday night fun followed by Reverse Reaction Friday night, Mike Barham & The Honky Tonk Prophets Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon show (4:30) by Casey West.

Saturday night is the Grand American Concert at Mountain Mama’s in Tia Juana. Gates open at 6:00. Bands include Denim Armadillo, Pullen Strings, and Oak Town.

In Grove, the Eddie Valen Band will be on stage Saturday night at Blue Bluff Harbor. There are two nights of live entertainment at Cherokee Casino Grove – Paralandra Friday night and Carl Acuff, Jr. Saturday. Rackensak headlines Friday night entertainment at Grand Lake Casino’s Venue 655.

In Club 60 West at River Bend Casino, Diversity entertains Saturday night, and there is late night karaoke with DJ Kay beginning at 11:00 Saturday night. There are three nights of music at Legends Sports Bar at Downstream Casino – Outlaws Reloaded Thursday, Asphalt Cowboys Friday, and Travis Kidd Saturday night. Foghat will perform at Buffalo Run Casino’s Peoria Showplace and Risky Business will entertain at Buffalo Run’s Backwoods Bar, both Saturday night.


DINING & DRINKING UPDATE: The Monkey Bar (formerly Monkey Island Pub) is now open seven nights a week. Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina will be open Wednesday night this week, but they will close at 6:00 p.m. on the 4th of July for the Duck Creek Fireworks. Matt’s Place in Grove will close at 4:00 p.m. July 4th. Blind Swine on Duck Creek features a July 4 “Picnic on the Dock” at 6:00 Thursday, just ahead of the Duck Creek Fireworks. Back Porch Ice Cream in Grove is closing for good. Fruity Patooties is now open at Grand Towne Center and Storage in Langley. Hero’s Deli is also now open in Langley, and Bradford BBQ is now open in Ketchum. The Island Bar & Grill at The Landings Marina features Karaoke & Crab Legs Thursday night, and Shangri-La’s Thursday Night Shrimp Boil & Karaoke will be at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar this week with a “tap takeover” by Kona Brewing Company – and live music from Western Justice.


BUM MUST-SEE TV: Macy’s 4th of July Special will air Thursday night at 7:00 on NBC and Peacock. Tina Fey will be the featured guest on Sunday Today on NBC Sunday morning at 7:00. The Bachelorette returns to ABC Monday night at 7:00. Family Feud: Decade of Laughs will air next Tuesday night at 7:00 on ABC followed by Celebrity Family Feud at 8:00.


BUM MUST-SEE MOVIES: Despicable Me 4, Maxxxine and Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot open in movie theaters this week.


SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, July 11 - Junior Club Championship Tournament at Shangri-La (8:00 a.m.). Friday, July 12 – Midnight Bingo at The Anchor (11:00 p.m.). Saturday-Sunday, July 13-14 – Club Championship Tournament at Shangri-La. Saturday, July 20 – Par 3 Club Championship at The Battlefield at Shangri-La (9:00 a.m.). Sip & Sail Sunset Cruise from Shangri-La Marina (7:30-9:30 p.m.). Wednesday, July 31 – Movie Night on the Anchor Lawn (9:00 p.m.).


PGA Players are in Illinois this week for the John Deere Classic. Coverage begins at 3:00 Thursday & Friday and noon Saturday & Sunday on the Golf Channel. CBS picks up the final two rounds of coverage at 2:00 Saturday & Sunday.

NASCAR drivers are in Chicago this weekend for Chicago street racing. Coverage of The Grant Park 165 begins at 3:30 Sunday afternoon on NBC.

A great holiday rivalry in Major League Baseball fires up this weekend. The Yankees will host the Red Sox Saturday at noon and Sunday at 6:00.


The weather forecast for the holiday weekend ahead looks pretty darn nice. The 4th of July will be the hottest day of the weekend with highs in the upper 90s. Friday & Saturday will be a little cooler – but high temperatures will still be pushing 90 with lows in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Get out there and enjoy the incredible variety of fun entertainment options! Remember, though, wherever you decide to party, be sure to buy a drink for the guy next to you. It might be me!


If you would like to join the growing list of sponsors of The Grand Lake Bum e-blast and the Bum’s page on both  Grand Lake Living and www.360grandlake.com, the cost is only$50 a week and the list of readers continues to grow.  E-mail grandlakebum@gmail.com to sign up. The Grand Lake Bum column is also published in The Grand Laker newspaper.

Looking for places to go, things to do, services to use or property to buy in the Grand Lake area?  Here’s a starter kit listing of “open to the public” fun places to spend time at Grand Lake.

Anchor Sports Bar & Activity Park at Shangri-La

Big Shots on Monkey Island (Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights)

Blind Swine on Duck Creek at Safe Harbor Harbors View Marina

Blind Swine on Monkey Island

Blue Bluff Café at Blue Bluff Harbor

BOOM in Grove (at The Regatta)

Bradford BBQ in Ketchum

Buffalo Bar at Shangri-La on Monkey Island

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami (smoking)

Casa Gutierrez in Grove

Cesar’s Place in Vinita

Cesar’s Place in Langley

Changos Locos at Littlefield Corner, Monkey Island

Checkered Past in Grove

Chickanella’s on Monkey Island

Chicken Coop west of Langley

Chubby’s Grill at On Target in Grove

Clanton’s Café in Vinita

Copper Penny Bar in Ketchum

Cosby’s Catfish on Highway 28 in Eucha (East of Disney)

Cove Club in Langley

Doc’s Bar & Grill at Shangri-La Resort Hotel

Domino’s in Grove

Downstream Casino in Quapaw (smoking)

Drake’s Restaurant in Grove

Drunken Rooster Bar & Grill

E&H Liquor Store at Littlefield Corner, Monkey Island

Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina

Fire Pit at Wildwood Cove Resort in Drowning Creek

Fruity Patooties at Grand Towne Center in Langley

Galley at The Anchor, Shangri-La Resort

Goodfella’s Pizza (Cleora and Grove)

Grand Getaway Mercantile (north of Grove)

Grand Lake Casino, north of Grove on Highway 10 (smoking)

Grand Lake Coffee Company in Grove

Grand Lake Public House in Grove

Grand Lake RV Resort at the back of Duck Creek

Hero’s Deli in Grove

Hero’s Deli in Langley

High Winds Casino east of Miami (smoking)

Honey Creek BBQ in Grove (south of Honey Creek bridge)

Indigo Sky Casino west of Seneca, Mo. (smoking)

Juan Montez Restaurant & Cantina at Red Arrow Marina

Keagan’s Coffee at Littlefield Corner

La Casita de Martin in downtown Grove

Legacy Eatery in Grove

Lighthouse Supper Club in Ketchum

Los Garcias in Langley

Lupe's Mexican Restaurant in Grove

Matt’s Place in Grove

Monkey Bar on Monkey Island

Monkey Island RV Resort

Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney

Monkey Grind at Shangri-La Resort Hotel

Monkey Island Trail Rides

Monkey Island Winery

Mosa Hibachi and Sushi in Grove

Mulligan’s at Patricia Island Golf Club in Grove

Nu Taste Restaurant in Grove

One-Eyed Monkey at Littlefield Corner, Monkey Island

Pappy’s Bar on Hwy 10 east of Grove

Pickles at the Lake in Langley

Pier 13 Liquor Store in Langley

Pistol Pat’s on Honey Creek in Grove

Pit Stop Café in Grove

Quarterdeck Cafe at Tera Miranda Harbor

R Bar Dance Hall & Saloon in Grove

Raggedy’s in Grove

Rancho Viejo in Grove

Regatta Restaurant & Bar at Sailboat Bridge, Grove

Riggs & Company in Langley

River Bend Casino in Wyandotte (smoking)

Road Hog Saloon at the entrance to Monkey Island

Royal Liquor Store in Grove

Rusty Anchor (next to the cliffs at Dripping Springs)

Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina

Stuffn’s Restaurant in Ketchum (Smoking on patio)

Sugar Shack at Lee’s Grand Lake Resort

Summit Restaurant at Shangri-La on Monkey Island

The Grill at Indian Hills Resort & Marina in Bernice

The Stables Casino in Miami (smoking)

The Shebang on Monkey Island (smoking on patio and Balcony Bar)

Ugly’s Grill & Bar, Thunder Bay Marina

VIP Pizza at Hammerhead Marina (smoking on deck)

Wolf Creek Diner in Grove


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