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James Gilmore Trucking LLC

Professional Trucking Company - End Dump Trailers - 300-mile radius of Bernice, Oklahoma

James Gilmore Trucking LLC
Primary Location
26820 S. 541 Road
Afton, OK 74331
Today's Hours: Closed (Closed)

James Gilmore Trucking LLC

James Gilmore Trucking L.L.C. is Native American owned and operated, a premier Grand Lake local trucking company. Owner James Gilmore has over 40 Years of experience in the trucking industry; he has done it all! From starting like everyone else with a C.D.L. and a job offer to owning his current fleet of seven trucks and trailers. He and his wife run their company based out of Afton, Oklahoma.

James and his team of drivers can get the job done! They haul within a 300-mile radius of Bernice, Oklahoma. They pull end-dump trailers filled with multiple things, including rock, feed, and sand. He has driven all over the U.S., doing dead heads to being home every evening. All his drivers are mandated to a federal drug screen and have a crystal clear driving record, so you never have to worry about your cargo making it on time!



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