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GRDA Police Department Weekly Update

Tenkiller Tornado Response

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GRDA Police Officers Nate Cooper and Alan Davis (right) make contact with residents of a home that was damaged last week in the tornado that struck Snake Creek, while the homeowner surveys damage to the house.

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A number of GRDA personnel have been deployed to the damage areas since the storms last week for the recovery efforts.
As the Friday night tornado moved north of interstate 40, GRDA officers began to move towards the path of the twister, knowing what the results may be. As the EF-2 tornado continued grinding northeast, officers drove through torrential rains towards the damage path with a host of other emergency personnel from the Cherokee and Sequoyah County areas. GRDA officers were among the first responders on the scene, and once the amount of damage was realized, additional personnel were called to respond. GRDA officers assisted in the response in one of the most heavily affected areas at Snake Creek on Tenkiller Lake.
The first obstacle they faced was the large amount of debris and fallen trees blocking roadways leading to the affected areas. Officers used vehicle-mounted winches to clear the trees from the roadway so emergency vehicles could drive into the damage areas, but ultimately had to result to hiking into the affected areas on foot.
GRDA officers joined other responders in a coordinated search of the disaster areas to search for those that might be injured or trapped, and identifying hazards such as downed power lines. This continued throughout the night, and we were fortunate that no injuries were reported from the storms.
A large contingent of GRDA personnel have been in the affected area since the Friday storms, dedicated to the recovery of the areas that were hit by the storms. GRDA Police, linemen and Transmissions personnel continue working in the areas affected by the storms to restore power and repair the infrastructure that was damaged by the tornado.

Work on Hanging Rock

Work on Hanging Rock
Beginning December 1, 2018, ODOT will be removing rock that is hanging over the road at Hanging Rock on State Highway 10. They will be using repelling crews to accomplish this task and the work should be completed in three weeks. 
ODOT crews will be closing the road periodically for 10 to 30 minutes at a time to complete this project. They will have signs and flagmen in the area, so use caution when travelling S.H. 10 in the area.

Dock Remains Closed

Dock Remains Closed

The GRDA courtesy dock at Eco has been closed with fencing and barricades while work on the shoreline stabilization progresses (above).

Work continues to progress on the shoreline stabilization project near the Ecosystems and Education Center. The Grand River Dam Authority has completed work on the shoreline near the courtesy dock located on Grand Lake, just behind the center in Langley, and are currently installing new fencing. Because of the presence of heavy equipment, the dock and the access path remain closed to allow the work to proceed safely. The project should be completed in the near future.

9 pm Routine

Did You Know?

Did You Know?
True or False: If a boat is overturned or swamped, abandon the boat and use your Lifejacket for flotation.
Answer: False. If a boat is overturned or swamped, but not sinking, you can still use it to support your body and save energy. Removing as much of your body from the water as possible can also help prevent hypothermia.

Safety Education Programs

Updates on the Web

Updates on the Web

Did you not receive our latest GRDA Update? Do you have a friend that wants to see our Updates? You can now go to our website at GRDA.com to view the latest edition of GRDA Police Updates. Go to the Lakes/River tab, open the GRDA Police tab and click on the GRDA Police Update for the latest version of our email release.

Visit our website for GRDA Police Updates

Boating Tips From the GLSPS

Boating Tips From the GLSPS
A great gift for the boater is America's Boating Course offered by America’s Boating Club, the United States Power Squadrons to the general boating community online or in the classroom. It includes a 288 course book and online access to the course for interactive learning. The online option is for people whose schedule and obligations would make it difficult to attend a classroom course. It also meets the licensure requirements for most states and is NASBLA approved.
Another gift for your first mate or crew is the online course Crew at the Helm also known as Partner in Command. It is an interactive online learning course that covers anchoring, docking, navigation and more. The comprehensive seminar can be completed in 2-4 hours.
To purchase an online course, go to www.usps.org or for local information on America’s Boating Club visit our website at: usps.org/grand lake or on Face Book at GLSPS.
Interested in becoming more confident in your boating skills? Boat Smart from the start and take a course from America’s Boating Club, the United States Power Squadrons. For local information visit our website at: usps.org/grandlake or on Face Book at GLSPS.


A Summary of Boating Laws, Navigation Regulations & Tips
That All Boat Operators Should Know
Why do I Need a Fuel Stabilizer for My Boat?
Any petroleum fuel goes bad over time when it is exposed to four factors-water, oxygen, light and heat. Fuel instability is the result of chemical chain reactions happening in the fuel, turning stable fuel molecules into unstable ones, and resulting in the larger parts of the stable blend falling out of solution while the whole mixture turns dark. Heat and light simply provide energy for these reactions to take place. Air and water help to provide oxygen, which some of these chemical reactions need to take place. You need a marine fuel stabilizer because the marine environment creates excessive amounts of one of the key components that causes instability in both diesel and ethanol fuels, and they stop the chemical reactions of instability from starting.

Get your free copy today!

Cherokee Yacht Club

Free Family Movie Event at Shangri La

Free Family Movie Event at Sha

On Saturday, December 22, a FREE family Christmas Movie Marathon begins at noon in the Holderman Ballroom at the Shangri-La Resort Hotel. Concessions will be available. This will be a fabulous indoor Christmas event for the entire family. Movies include Polar Express, The Santa Claus, Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, and Christmas Vacation.

Do you have a Special Event Planned?

PLEASE let us know about your lake or river events so we can provide the resources you may need to make it a positive experience!

2018 Special Events Schedule
December 8: Grand Lake Christmas Boat Parade, Cherokee Yacht Club

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